Sense Organs RG Vocab

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Aqueous Humor

clear fluid in the anterior chamber of eye between the cornea and iris


inner layer of eye that contains photo receptors

Optic Nerve

short, thick nerve pathway that contains nerve fibers

Blood Vessels

vessels which carry blood throughout the eye


disk located behind iris that changes shape to help focus the eye


outer layer of the wall of the eye "white of the eye" which preserves the shape of the eyeball and protects inner parts

Vitreous Humor

a transparent, jellylike substance within the center of the eyeball


transparent, protective covering


black hole in the center of the iris where light enters the eye


sight of sharpest vision


controls amount of light entering eye which consists of tiny muscles


middle layer of the wall of the eye; contains many blood vessels which results in a deep color that prevents reflecting of light inside the eye


the first ossicle; it touches the eardrum and transfers vibration from the eardrum to the anvil

Auditory Canal

tube that conducts external sound waves to the inner ear


external structure that collects and directs sound waves to the auditory canal


the third ossicle; transfers vibration sent to it from the hammer and anvil to the cochlea


membrane that vibrates as sound waves, transport via auditory canal, strike it


the middle ossicle; transfers vibration from the hammer to the stirrup

Eustachian tube

connects the middle ear with the roof of the mouth

cochea nerve

transmits nerve impulses to the brain


tightly coiled, fluid filled snail shell structure which houses the sound receptors

Semicircular canals

canals in the inner ear which detect rotation of the head and are important in the maintenance of balance


bone, mineralized with a significant content of collagen fibers; lies between dentin and the periodontal membrane


portion of the tooth found above the surface of the gum line; dentin covered by enamel


bone-like material found below enamel


hardest substance in the body, covers the crown of the tooth


contains nerves, arteries, and veins that supply the tooth


portion of the tooth at the gum line


bulk of the tooth; portion of tooth rooted in the bone

root canal

canal where nerves, arteries, and veins pass


cells that transmit impulses


minimum level of stimulus required to activate a neuron


chemicals used by a neuron to transmit an impulse to another cell


location at which a neuron can transfer an impulse to another cell


long fiber that carries impulses away from the cell body


carry impulses from the environment to the cell body; short with branches

cell body

contains the nucleus and cytoplasm

myelin sheath

insulating membrane that surrounds a single long axon


regulates activities under conscious control


regulates activities that are involuntary


responsible for voluntary activities of the body


receives messages from all of the sensory receptors and relays info to the cerebrum


control center for recognition and analysis of hunger, thirst, fatigue, anger and body temp.


back of skull; coordinates and balances actions of muscles so the body can move gracefully

brain stem

connects the brain and spinal cord

spinal cord

main communications link between the brain and rest of the body

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