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a field of study that joins the concerns and methods of anthropology w the study of music


the science that deals w sound

fundamental tone

the lowest tone in a harmonic series, also referred to as the 'first harmonic' or 'first partial,' which determines the perceived pitch of a sound

harmonic series/harmonics/ overtones/ partials

the series of simple vibrations that combine to create a complex pitched sound


research, including observation and participation, of living traditions, also called music ethnography

cross culture

of more than one culture

harmonic chant

style of singing of david hyke


the highness or lowness of a sound


a subset of the range of a voice or instrument


the distinctive settings, sounds, and significances of music


biphonic Tuvan throat singing, originally from rural Inner Asia and now heard in concert halls worldwide.


stirrup; a type of khoomii that features a rhythmic pulsing, imitate riding a horse


fiddle, 2 strings


style of khoomii characterized by text sung in a low register


Mouth harp, jaw's harp, Jew's harp, basically is a whistle


higher pitched fundamental than kargyraa and produces clear harmonics that sound like whistling

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