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Modern Israel Final

Rogers Plan
ceasefire during War of Attrition in Aug 1970
Lebanese President; assassinated in Sept 1982
Ma'Ale Adumim
Israeli settlement east of Jerusalem; 2nd largest city in West Bank
talks after Camp David 2001; Israel and the PA came closer to reaching an agreement
Sabra and Shatila
massacre of unarmed Palestinian refugees by the Phalangist Lebanese army; Sept 1982
Gush Emunim Underground
Jewish terrorist organization; attacked Islamic College of Hebron
Baruch Goldstein
killed 29 in Mosque at the Tomb of the Patriarchs
Bar Lev Line
during War of Attrition, created wall along east coast of Suez Canal to reduce Israeli casualties
PLO relocated to this capital
Wye Memorandum
Oct 1998; facilitate implementation of Oslo II; signed by Netanyahu and Arafat
Small Pine
1982 Lebanon War; 40 km; Sharon
3 Times Larger
land controlled after 6 Days War
Yigal Amir
assassinated Yitzhak Rabin; law school student
Sept 1993
Oslo I Accords signed
Allon Plan
never formally adopted; settlements along border of Jordan
Arganat Commission
response to Yom Kippur War; investigate reasons for Israel's failure of oversight regarding the war
Yasir Arafat
Chairman of PLO, President of Palestinian National Authority; leader of FATAH
Hafez Al-Assad
Pres. of Syria; wanted to regain the Golan Heights
UN Resolution 242
passed after 6 Day War; peace in Middle East; land for peace
Madrid Conference
after Gulf War; deal with Palestinian problem and the Arab states
Renewal Project
Begin; rehabilitate slum neighborhoods and development towns
Land Day
30 March; 6 Palestinians killed in Galilee
Y.Z. Kook
rabbi and leader of Gush Emunim
Anwar Sadat
succeeds Nasser; staged Yom Kippur War
Khartoum Conference
city in Sudan; no peace, no recognition, no negotiations
Black September
retaliation to failed attempt at assassination of King Hussein of Jordan
Camp David I
defined future relations between Israel and Egypt
Gush Emunim
religious Zionist settlement movement; "Block of the Faithful"
Menachem Begin
6th PM; headed Likud when it won Knesset in 1977
Ehud Barak
attempted to negotiate with Syrians, withdraw from Southern Lebanon, and negotiate with Palestinians
Yitzhak Rabin
5th PM; 2 terms; major partner in Oslo process
Ariel Sharon
11th PM; Disengagement Plan
Golda Meir
4th PM; PM during Yom Kippur War
Benjamin Netanyahu
current PM; chairman of Likud party
Yitzhak Shamir
participated in Madrid Conference while supporting Jewish settlements on the West Bank; Foreign Minister while Peres was PM
Sharon; "settlement on an opposite hill;" 50 developed
"outsiders;" Ethiopian immigrants
Second Intifada
Palestinian-Israeli violence; after Sharon's visit to Temple Mount
Orr Committee
investigated October 2000 Arab protests; critical of Israeli policy
Mitchell Report
said walking out of Palestinian Authorities from Camp David was catalyst for the war
Separation Wall / Israeli-West Bank Barrier
separate Israel from West Bank territory