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Western and central Africa

Study guide section 1
How was African continent divided.
Europeans changed traditional borders and used overs and lakes to draw new maps.
Who divided Africa.
Who was Joseph Mobutu?
Army general, took power of republic of the Congo.
What did Mobutu do for his country?
Tried to wipeout colonialism. Changed name of country to Zaire. Made people wear traditional African clothes. Ruled as dictator stole from government.
Who was kwamer nikrumah.
First leader of Ghana, first independent country in Africa south od Sahara. Ruled as a dictator.
What did he do for his country?
Wanted to make Ghana modern he built new seaports, roads and railroads to make shipping resources easier and cheaper. Improved foreign trade.
What is the OAU and what do they do?
Organization of African unity. Tried to promote unity among all Africans.
What is ECOWAS
Economic community of west african states.
What does it do?
Works to improve trade within western Africa and countries outside the region. Tried to end government corruption.
What types of economy were practiced in colonial Africa?
Market economy in which goods were bought and sold
What is the most common economy today?
What types of edible. Exports come from central and western Africa?
Sugar cane cocoa,coffee bananas pineapple,palm oil,peanuts kola nuts.
What types of jobs do people have in western and central africa?
Majority farmers.leather metal or wood crafters. Entertainers and musicians.
What is the family structure like?
Based on extended families, child parent grandparents and other close relatives aunts and cousins. People share both work and free time.
History of Nigerian people
Nok people one of the earliest known cultures.by 500bc they occupied the central plateau. Skilled iron working and weaving. Today about 60% of Nigerians belong to 3 major groups:
3. Hausa
Who were yoruba? How is their society organized?
Live in southwestern Nigeria. Before colonial rule they were organized around powerful city-states. Men grew yams, pnuts , millet , beans. Artists and musicians grew great prestige. Women specalized in markets and trades, some became wealthy and independent.
Who were Igbo
In southeast region. Villages mostly democratic, leaders chosen not inhherited. Known for metalworking weaving, and woodcarving. In British colonial times many held jobs in business's and gov.
Who were Hausa?
Northern regions . Largest group.mostly Muslim. Most live in farming villages Leather working,weaving and black smithing.
What is Nigeria economy like?
123 million people. Largest population in Africa. More than half are farmers
What are their exports and resources?
Oil is their main export
Recorces:coal, iron ore, tin, lead, limestone,and zinc