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Section 4- The War Ends

Woodrow Wilson
U.S. President, who led USA into WWI. He proposed the 14 points. He attended the peace conference at Versailles
German submarines used in World War I
Zimmerman Note
message proposing an alliance between Germany and Mexico against the U.S.
a state of peace agreed to between opponents so they can discuss peace terms
Fourteen Points
a series of proposals in which U.S. president Woodrow Wilson outlined a plan for achieving a lasting peace after World War I
Treaty of Versailles
the treaty imposed on Germany by the Allied powers in 1920 after the end of World War I which demanded a lot of reparations from the Germans
League of Nations
an international organization formed in 1920 to promote cooperation and peace among nations
a nation governed by another nation on behalf of the League of Nations
Balfour Declaration
British document that promised land in Palestine as homeland for Jews in exchange for Jews help in WWI