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The branch of life science which involves the structure and function of the brain and nervous system, while also focusing on the relationship between learning and behavior, is called _______.
The nervous system is defined as ____________.
A complex network of cells that carries information to and from all parts of the body
The part of the neuron whose name literally means "branch" is _________.
A specialized cell that makes up the nervous system that receives and sends messages within that system is called ________.
Dendrite is to axon as:
Receive is to send
Your teacher asks you to describe the sequence of parts of a neuron that the impulse travels during neural conduction. Which of the following sequences will you offer?
Dendrites, soma, axon, synaptic knob
Neurons make up ________% of the brain whereas glial cells make up ________%.
What is the function of myelin?
To speed up the neural impulse
Juan's toe was severed and was qucikly sewn back in by a surgeon. As a result, he regained some function and feeling in his toe. Which of the following are responsible for Juan's ability to regain function and feeling in his toe?
A chemical found in the synaptic vesicles which, when released, has an effect on the next cell is called a ________.
______________ are holes in the surface of the dendrites or certain cells of the muscles and glands that are shaped to fit only certain neurotransmitters.
Receptor sites
After being bitten by a black widow spider, Jean starts to convulse. This is a result of
A flood of acetylcholine releasing into the body's muscle system
The effects of alcohol is to enhance the effect of _______, which causes the general inhibition of the nervous system associated with getting drunk.
Andy has decided to seek medical help for mood disturbances and appettite problems. Which neurotransmitter is most likely involved in the problem Andy is experiencing?
Because they have similar chemical structures, morphine and heroin are able to lock into receptor sites for ____________.
Reuptake is
A process by which neurotransmitters are sucked back into the synaptic vesicles
Cameron touches a hot iron and immediately pulls his hand away. His qucik response occurs because _______________.
The pain message goes up the spinal column to the central area of the spinal cord instead of going all the way to the brain
Jack suffered a brain injury as a result of hitting his head while water skiing. One of the problems that developed was that Jack could not pronounce certain words correctly for a long period of time until he had extensive speech therapy and can now speak as he did before his accident. This is an example of the brain's ________ which allowed the structure and function of his brain cells to change to adjust to the trauma.
The division of the nervous system that allows the brain and the spinal cord to communicate with the sensory system of the eyes, ears, skin, and mouth, and allows the brain and spinal cord to control the muscles and glands of the is called the ________.
Peripheral nervous system
Voluntary muscles are controlled by the __________ nervous system.
The subdivision of peripheral nervous that consists of nerves that control all of the involuntary muscles, organs, and glands is called the __________.
The part of the autonomic nervous system that is responsible for reacting to stressful events and bodily arousal is called the _________ nervous system.
The branch of the autonomic nervous system that restores the body to normal functioning after arousal and is responsible for day-to-day functioning of the organs and glands is called the _____________.
Parasympathetic nervous system
Hormones are
Chemicals released into the bloodstream by the endocrine glands
Denise just received the results of a complete physical that found her body is not producing enough insulin. Which of the following endocrine glands is affecting her body's ability to produce insulin?
Joe is very anxious over an upcoming exam. Consequently, his adrenal glands will probably produce _____________.
More cortisol