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Limit use of tourniquets to ______ minutes or less.
Flaps size
>1/5 times the diameter of the extremity at the point of the bone section
Vessels should be _______.
Nerves are to be __________ before they are cut
Fron of the tibia is
Periosteum is cut where?
at the level of bone section
Intercompartmental fat incised because....
if left is route of infection around nerve
DPC performed how many day
Vacuum drain left in place how long
48 hours
Dehiscence is common and caused by (4)
stump inflammation, abscess formation, necrotic tissue, closure under tension
Failed closure: skin infected
remove sutures, antibiotics, ward dressings, secondary intent
Failed closure: bone exposed, granulation around cortex
sugar dressings if discharge, dry dressings every few days, skin traction, antiseptic stump bath (last resort), secondary intent
Failed closure: exposure of cortex/bone
Myoplastic amputation: below knee
low: soleus
high: medial gastrocnemius
After Tx release skin______ and muscle ______.
elongates, retracts
Following both amputation and DPC, limp elevated......
48 hours
Gentle physiotherapy after.....
3 days