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  1. 귀찮다
  2. 신경(쓰다)
  3. 예민(하다)
  4. 불면증
  5. 긍정적
  1. a nerves (to care; to be concerned; "use a nerve")
  2. b sharpness; keenness; sensitiveness (to be sharp; to be keen; to be sensitive)
  3. c insomnia; sleeplessness; "no sleeping symptom"
  4. d affirmative; positive (to be affirmative; to be positive)
  5. e to be annoying; to be bothersome; to be tiresome

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  1. will; desire; volition
  2. uneasiness; anxiety; worry; fear (to be uneasy; to be nervous; to be unstable)
  3. a consultation; a talk; "each other talk" (to consult)
  4. chronic
  5. irritation; annoyance (to be irritated; to be annoyed/to act irritated)

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  1. 눈물(나다)tears (to break into tears)


  2. 풀다to resolve; to solve; to untie; to loosen


  3. 원인will; desire; volition


  4. strength; force; energy


  5. 부정적affirmative; positive (to be affirmative; to be positive)