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  1. 의욕
  2. 긍정적
  3. 외롭다
  4. 불안(하다)
  5. 원인
  1. a a cause
  2. b will; desire; volition
  3. c uneasiness; anxiety; worry; fear (to be uneasy; to be nervous; to be unstable)
  4. d to be lonely; to be lonesome; to be all alone; to be by oneself
  5. e affirmative; positive (to be affirmative; to be positive)

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  1. sharpness; keenness; sensitiveness (to be sharp; to be keen; to be sensitive)
  2. diabetes; "sugar urine disease"
  3. depression; melancholia; hypochondria; "melancholy symptom"
  4. tears (to break into tears)
  5. gloom; feeling low (to be gloomy; to feel low)

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  1. 상담(하다)a consultation; a talk; "each other talk" (to consult)


  2. 피로(하다)fatigue; exhaustion; "tiredness from (physical) labor" (to be tired)


  3. 풀다to be annoying; to be bothersome; to be tiresome


  4. 그래도still; yet; nevertheless; however


  5. 긴장(하다/되다)tension; strain; nervousness (to be tense; to be nervous)


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