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The British Empire in America: Growth and Conflict (1650-1750)


economic policy practiced by most european states in the late seventeenth century that stated the power of any state depended largely on its wealth; thus it was the states duty to do all that it could to build up wealth. would not want to import raw materials from other countries; instead, it would be best to have colonies from which these ram materials could be imported.

Navigation Acts

1660 measures passed by Charles II that were designed to increase the dependence of the colonies on England for trade. Charles mandated that certain goods produced in the colonies, such as tobacco, should be sold only to england, that if the colonies wanted to sell anything to other countries, it had to come through england first and that all trade by the colonies to other countries would have to be done in english ships. these measures could have been devastating to the colonies; however, british officials in the colonies did not enforce them carefully.

Salem Witch Trials

120 men, women and children were arrested for witchcraft in salem in 1692; 19 were executed. a new governor appointed by the crown stopped additional trials and executions; historians not the class nature of the trials, as many accused were associated with business or commercial interests and many accusers were members of the farming class

salutary neglect

british policy announced at the beginning of the eighteenth century stating that as long as the american colonies remained politically loyal and continued trade with Great Britain, the british government would relax enforcement of various measures restricting colonial activity that were enacted in the 1600s. Tensions between the colonies and britain continued over british policies concerning colonial trade and the power of colonial legislatures.

Great Awakening

Religious revival in the American colonies of the eighteenth century during which a number of new Protestant churches were established.

Stono Rebellion

slave rebellion, resulted in harsher treatment for slaves

Colonial Assemblies

existed in all the british colonies in america, House of Burgesses in VA was the first one. members were upper class

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