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wellness, stress, cancer, nutrition, std's, pregnancy, death etc.

Leading Cause of death among Americans


Genetic Makeup

Health determinant over which we have least control

The 6 Dimensions of wellness are..



The best response to behavior-related diseases

Target Behavior

Isolated behavior that is the focus of your behavior change plan


Belief in one's ability to be successful in the performance of a given task

Internal locus of control

Believing that events turn out as they do based on their actions

External locus of control

Blaming outside factors and making excuses for negative outcomes

Order of Behavior Change Strategy

Make contract, set goals, devise a plan of action, monitor behavior, analyze data


Situations that trigger physical and emotional reactions

Example of a stressor

Bad grade

Nervous and Endocrine

Systems are responsible for your body's physical response to stressors

Autonomic nervous system controls

ability to digest food, speed of your heart rate, ability to alter your blood pressure

Parasympathetic branch of the autonomic system

aids in digestion and promoting growth

Sympathetic nervous system

Branch of the autonomic nervous system that is activated when a person is exposed to a stressor

Endocrine system

system of glands, tissues, and cells that helps control body functions by releasing hormones

Psychological Health

It is as difficult to define as it is important to understand it

Maslows basic human needs

decreasing in urgency--
1. physiological needs
2. safety
3. love/belongingness
4. self-esteem
5. self-actualization


Characterized by realism


Most closely associated with being inner directed


Openness to new experiences

Development of trust begins

in infancy

Our early identity models are most likely to be



Repetitive, hard-to-resist actions associated with obsessions

Characteristics of depression

too much sleep, poor appetite and weight loss, disturbed sleep, overeating

If you are pregnant you should avoid

All fish because there could be mercury contamination


is not an essential nutrient

Fat provides how many calories per gram?


Vegetarians can eat these for a source of protein

corn, beans, peanut butter, milk, rice

Recommended daily intake of protein is what percent of total daily calories?


Saturated fats are primarily found in

animal food sources and are solid at room temp.

What is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids?



Major source of fuel for the nervous system, brain and red blood cells

Refined carbohydrates

Tend to be much lower in fiber and vitamins than their unrefined counterparts

Consumption of whole grains is linked to-

1.reduced risk of heart disease
2. reduced risk of certain forms of cancer
3. reduced risk of diabetes

Physical Fitness

Cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, muscular strength

Cardiorespiratory endurance

ability of the body to perform prolonged, large-muscle, dynamic exercise at moderate-to-high levels of intensity

Muscular strength

Amount of force a muscle can produce with a single maximum effort

Muscular endurance

Ability to sustain a given level of muscular tension over time


Ability to move the joints through their full range of motion

Effects of exercise on metabolism and body comp.

Slightly raises the metabolic rate for several hours after exercise, increase in muscle mass raises the metabolic rate, increases caloric expenditure and helps regulate body weight

High-density lipoproteins

High levels of these are associated with reduced risk of CVD

Exercise and disease prevention

regular exercise reduces risk of stroke and type 2 diabetes and weight bearing exercise reduces risk of osteoporosis

Length of time you workout depends on the

intensity of the workout

Amount of subcutaneous body fat in males is how much of total body weight?


Amount of subcutaneous body fat in females is how much of total body weight?


What is used to examine health risks associated with body weight?

BMI and waist circumference

What is a healthy BMI?



People who store fat in this area of the body are at increased risk for chronic disease

Body Dysmorphic disorder

condition characterized by extreme dissatisfaction with appearance and/or body type

Female Athlete Triad

abnormal eating patterns, premature osteoporosis, amenorrhea

Largest component of metabolism

Resting metabolic rate

Resting Metabolic Rate

Energy required to maintain vital body functions

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