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what is an essential oil? describe them in some detail. not just a definition.

volatile component that contributes to the scent and flavoring of aromatic plants.

give some examples that demonstrate how the Romans and Greeks valued herbs and spices.

they value it highly and only burn it on royal funerals

who was marco polo and why are we discussing him in a chapter about herbs and spices?

increased the importation of spices and other goods from the Near East.

where are the spice islands located? what spices come from there?

south east asia


the bean is used
the plant is from the new world tropics

green and black pepper

comes from the dried berries of piper nigrum a vine.
native to india


it was one of the main spices sought in the early explorations. it comes form the bark of an evergreen tree. native to india and sri lanka.


comes from the dried berry of an evergreen tree. first used by the Mayans.


the worlds most expensive spice which comes from the delicate stigmans of an autumn-blooming crocus. native to eastern Mediterranean countries. It was an important commodity in trading and was valued for its yellow spice.

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