Nature Bowl

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ExoskeletonAny hard external supporting structure of an iverterbrateDomesticAnimals tames or bred for human useDiurnalActive during the dayEndangeredA species of plant or animals in danger of extinctionCompostFertilizing mixture made from decomposed grass clippingEnvironmentThe air, water, minerals, organisms, and all the other external factors surrounding a organism at any times.Erosionrevealed or wearing off of soil or rock by waterEstuaryan area where a river flows an into the sea where there is a mixing of fresh water and saltwaterEvergreena plant that does not lose it's leaves at one timeAmphibianFrogs, Toads, Newts, and Salamanders coldblooded vertebrateConservationThe protection of natureConsumersOrganisms that get their energy by eating other organismsDeciduousReferring to tree's that usually shed their leaves at one timeDecomposerinvertebrate organisms that eat dead plants and animalsDevelopmentwhen wild animals lands are converted to farmscrepuscularactive during dawn and dusk

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