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final exam

Which of the following is considered the most common form of political participation?

Voting in elections

According to the authors of your text

the participation paradox suggests that, Individuals vote even thought their votes rarely influence election results.

Which of the following is not a demographic variable that affects turnout at the polls?


All of the following are Texas legal voting requirements except

Being a nonresident of the state

Which of the following statements about Texas voting registration laws is incorrect

an individual's employer can register an employee as long as the employer is a registered voter

Which of the following statements about voting in Texas is incorrect

Once registered voting is very complicated

The percentage of people who are eligible to vote that actually vote.

Voter turnout

With voting laws making registration and voting easier

voter turnout has decreased since 1960, true

Which of the following can be a contributing factor to the decrease in voter participation in the United States after 1960?

passage of the 26th amendment. a decrease in party identification by voters

All of the following Techniques were

at one time, used to prevent voting in Texas except:, Literacy tests

Which of the following is a deterrent to higher voter turnout in Texas

Large number of elections & long length of the ballot & lower income and education levels in Texas

a set of political values and beliefs that are dominant in a society

Political culture

Texas political parties select their nominees for the general election by using

direct primaries

To win a Texas primary election a candidate must receive

50% plus one of the votes

When are Texas's primary elections held

second Tuesday in MArch of even-number of years

a type of primary where a voter only can participate in the primary for the party of which they are a member


Which of the following statement about elections in Texas is correct

Legally it is closed but it operates as an open-primary state

A political party's ultimate aim is to

nominate candidates in the primary or convention and get them elected

When are general elections held in Texas

Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even-numbered years

To vote a straight party ticket

the voter need only mark the box or pull the lever for the party of his choice

Which of the following are considered part of an incumbent's advantage during election season

won office before their name recognition and an incumbent is generally a strong candidate

The amount of money a candidate raises can be the deciding factor in the campaign. T or F?


Texas law requires disclosure of the amount of money raised

who contributes, and how campaign funds are spent, true

The U.S. Constitution is responsible for the creation of political parties. T or F?


A political party's primary purpose or goal is to

gain control of government through popular elections

Political parties can be found at what levels of government

National. State. and Local

Which of the following is not a distinct characteristic of American political parties?


Politics means that ideas should be judged on the basis of their political results rather than an ideological basis this is called


Which of the following events contributed to the Democratic Party's dominance of state election up through the 1990s

reconstruction the great depression and republican crossover voters

a system in which one candidate is elected to a legislative body in each election district

Single member district system

Which of the following statements does not describe a belief of conservatives

Conservatives are likely to support redistribution of wealth

Which of the following have been used by national political parties to influence state and local party organization


Which of the following statements is not generally true of liberals

They support limited government in the free market economy

Liberals in the Texas Democratic party consist of all of the following groups except

Large farmers and ranchers

The Texas Republican Party appeals to which of the following groups

middle/upperclass individuals in urban communities & active/retired military personnel and traditional conservatives

The precinct convention is open to individuals who

voted earlier that day in the party's primary

The Texas Republican Party appeals to which of the following groups

middle/upperclass individuals in urban communities & active/retired military personnel and traditional conservatives

The precinct convention is open to individuals who

voted earlier that day in the party's primary

The transition from one dominant political party in the state to another is known as


In recent presidential elections

Texas has Consistently supported the Republican nominee

The shift in party identification in the state can be attributed to all of the following reasons except

the popularity of President Lyndon Johnson

The idea of realignment suggest that

Voters are calling themselves independent rather than identifying with a political party

Political parties are relatively decentralized in the United States T or F?


Which of the following are functions of parties in a democracy?

nominate and elect their members to public office & educate and mobilize voters and run the government at whatever level they are active

People who vote for candidates of more than one party in a given election are called

ticket splitters

Texas is considered a swing state because both the Democrat and Republican parties are very competitive within the state T or F?


The lowest level of party organization (Texas is the precinct level of organization.)


Who is employed to express the values of interest groups to public officials?


Which of the following is not correct of the work of interest groups

It is not a crime to knowingly provide false information to state lawmakers

which of the following is not considered an indirect strategy used by interest groups to influence govt?

holding demonstrations

Before the legislative sessions begins a lobbyist must have successfully completed all of the following except

get to know the family members personally because through them the member can be influenced

According to state law

when registering, lobbyists are required to reveal to the state, all of these

Which industry groups in TX had the largest number and max value of the contract signed with lobbyists?

energy/ natural resources/ waste

The structure of the state govt makes it difficult for any special interest group to dominate. T or F?


Texas law states the ex-legislatures:

can become lobbyists with no restrictions

The official publication of the state that gives the public notice of proposed actions and adopts policies of executive branch agencies.

Texas Register

Which of the following do not have to register with the state as a lobbyist?

A and B

Who is responsible for accepting reports of candidates and lobbyists and making them public?

Texas Ethics Commission

An organization created by interest groups to promote common goals is identified as what type of organization?


Which characteristic of the structure of government in TX makes is difficult for one interest to dominate the whole govt?

All of these

Campaign contributions and late train contributions are not considered lobbying expenses by state law. T or F?


Late train contributions are

campaign funds given to the winning legislative candidate

Which of the following concerning campaign contribution is incorrect?

most campaign contributions for the state legislate and statewide offices come from small donors

Which is the public's watch dog institution and provides a link between gov and the public?

the media

Why is it that the current system of a part-time legislature is unlikely to change?

all of these

Interest groups pursuing social equality and economic goals are classified as what type of group?

mixed and hybrid

A free rider

is an individual who benefits from the work of an interest group, but who does not participate in the collective that make the benefits possible.,

People join interest groups because

all of these

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