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Donahue's 9th Grade Drivers Ed (Study Guide Q & A's)

If you have never had a drivers license in any state or country, you must (3 things)...

1. pass a knowledge and vision test
2. apply for an instruction permit
3. pass a road test

You are required to pass a knowledge test and vision check before applying for a new license if you license has been expired for:

more that one year but less than five

If you are a driver moving to MN from another state, certain US territories, or Canada and have a valid drivers license from your former home state, to get a MN license you must still pass a complete driver's test including the road test. True or False?


A driver moving from another country (except Canada) to MN needs to take the MN road test to get a MN drivers license, even if the driver has a valid driver's license from the driver's former home country. True or False?


You cannot receive you MN drivers license until you have presented all other driver's licenses and MN identification cards in you possession to the MN Department of Public Safety. True or False?


Anyone who has moved to MN and has a valid license or permit from another state may drive w/o a MN license or permit for a max. of __ days after moving from the other state.


You need a driver's license to operate a snowmobile. True or False?


A MN driver's license or permit will not be issued to you if you are unable to read or understand what two things?

1.Official road signs
2. State traffic laws

A driver's license or permit will not be given to anyone under __ years of age.


Any one under 18 cannot be licensed unless they have had their instructional permit for at least 6 months. True or False?


The Commission of Public Safety will not issue you a license or permit if he has cause to believe that permitting you to operate a motor vehicle would be detrimental to public safety. True or False


You must provide ______ that proves you first, middle, and last name and ______ ______ ______ in order to take the knowledge and road tests.

identification; date of birth

The primary document must contain what two things?

1. full name
2. month, day, and year of birth

All documents presented in a language other than English must be accompanied by an English translation. T or F?


If your name is legally changed through _____, ______, or a _____ _______, you must show proof of this change.

marriage; divorce; court order

Applicants for MN Driver and Vehicle Services cards are required to provide their ________ ________ number on the application form.

social security

The knowledge test contains what 4 things? and why?

1. multiple choice
2. true or false
to show how well you know and understand MN traffic laws and road signs

The knowledge test may be offered on computer or on paper. T or F?


_____are available on request so you can hear the questions as you read them.


If you fail the written permit test, you may go back on the same day and take the test again. T or F?


If you fail _ knowledge tests, you must pay $_____ to take any consecutive tests that follow.

2; 10

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