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  1. All of the following are examples of graphic file formats EXCEPT for _____.
  2. The _____ is responsible for setting up and maintaining a network, implementing network policies, and assigning user access permissions.
  3. A(n) _____ signal is designed to represent computer data in an on or off state.
  4. _____ permissions provide registered users with access to the files they need, while restricting access to private resources.
  5. A two-dimensional model becomes a 3D model when shadows and _____ are added.
  1. a light
  2. b .xls
    (.tif, .jpg, .gif)
  3. c User
  4. d digital
  5. e system admistrator

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  1. pagers
  2. PowerPoint
  3. SiriusXM
  4. ripping
  5. all of the above
    (smart phones, video game consoles, CD players)

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  1. With Bluetooth, up to _____ devices can be paired simultaneously.flash memory


  2. Social networks employ virtual reality to provide an environment in which individuals can interact through the use of _____.cellular


  3. A(n) _____ network includes transmission towers that connect to area handsets.Metropolitan


  4. A _____ is used as a security device to help identify a worker logging into a business computer system.token


  5. Digital photography and digital photo editing are sometimes referred to collectively as digital _____.Adobe Illustrator


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