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  1. The _____ is responsible for setting up and maintaining a network, implementing network policies, and assigning user access permissions.
  2. Many of today's cell phones come equipped with _____ text technology keyboards to enhance texting.
  3. A _____ is used as a security device to help identify a worker logging into a business computer system.
  4. Through the use of _____, data is secured when it is stored and transported over a network.
  5. _____ media is unique in that the audience is not comprised of passive viewers.
  1. a system admistrator
  2. b predictive
  3. c token
  4. d Interactive
  5. e encryption

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  1. .xls
    (.tif, .jpg, .gif)
  2. spear phishing
  3. light
  4. 33
  5. firewall

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  1. Which of the following is NOT a safe and vigiland behavior to ensure Internet security?Avoid client/server networks.


  2. A common form of authentication is a _____.transmitters


  3. How a cell phone looks, feels, and works is determined by its _____.protocols


  4. A(n) _____ expands the boundaries of a company's intranet to include networks outside of its Local Area Network setting.VPN


  5. The _____ works using blended colors such as those applied by our printer's ink cartidges when printing.CMYK color model