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  1. The process of examining computing equipment to determine if it has been used for illegal, unauthorized, or unusual activities is known as _____.
  2. Which of the following should you consider when purchasing a carrier plan for your cell phone?
  3. We rely on _____ as the dominant technology to provide wireless Internet speed to its users.
  4. Three types of physical cables that carry a signal are twisted pair, fiber optic, and _____.
  5. _____ software allows you to improve the look of your captured image.
  1. a computer forensics
  2. b Photo-editing
  3. c usage
  4. d wireless fidelity
  5. e coaxial

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  1. compression
  2. US-CERT
  3. pixels
  4. spear phishing
  5. VeriSign

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  1. Two network systems that can exchange and process data using the same protocols is an example of _____.last mile


  2. Local Area Networks designed to serve an entire city are called _____ Area Networks.33


  3. A(n) _____ may be used to control unnecessary data from coming into a business over the Internet.token


  4. Photos and albums can be shared from an online service with _____.all of the above
    (the entire member community, everyone on the Web, members that you specify)


  5. The Internet infrastructure and Internet service providers are burdened by _____, which takes up significant amounts of bandwidth and storage space.spam