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  1. _____ software allows you to improve the look of your captured image.
  2. Digital images are made up of a grid of small points called _____.
  3. Leaders in the tech industry have teamed up to develop solutions to spam that include all of the following EXCEPT _____.
  4. Devices attached to a network are identified as _____.
  5. An example of a vector graphics software application is _____.
  1. a pixels
  2. b Photo-editing
  3. c Boolean (Bayesian) filters that learn to identify spam and filter it to a spam folder.
  4. d nodes
  5. e PowerPoint

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  1. install a Web cam in an employee's home
  2. home
  3. compression
  4. digital
  5. hoax

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  1. An important consideration, when choosing between a digital camera and a camcorder, is the amount of _____ capacity it supports.memory


  2. The language of telecommunications is governed by _______.clip art


  3. In most closed-in areas, Wi-Fi technology has a maximum range of _____.geotagging


  4. The _____ was the first eBook reading device to gain widespread acceptance.US-CERT


  5. An example of a vector graphic image is _____.clip art