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  1. Receiving a fradulent email that closely resembles a legitimate Web site, such as one from your bank, is known as a(n) _____ attack.
  2. A(n) _____ network includes transmission towers that connect to area handsets.
  3. The _____ is responsible for setting up and maintaining a network, implementing network policies, and assigning user access permissions.
  4. Many of today's cell phones come equipped with _____ text technology keyboards to enhance texting.
  5. Restaurants use _____ to signal their patrons when a table is ready.
  1. a system admistrator
  2. b predictive
  3. c pagers
  4. d cellular
  5. e spear phishing

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  1. User
  2. install a Web cam in an employee's home
  3. CMYK color model
  4. Photo-editing
  5. VeriSign

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  1. GPS _____ are primarily used to assist travelers in getting from one place to another.US-CERT


  2. A basic example of _____ is the use of graphs and charts to illustrate numeric data.visualization


  3. In a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the services of a(n) _____ can be halted.Internet server


  4. A two-dimensional model becomes a 3D model when shadows and _____ are added.light


  5. A PAN typically covers a range of around _____ feet.all of the above
    (microwaves, gamma rays, x-rays)