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  1. The language of telecommunications is governed by _______.
  2. Online newspapers are delivered through _____ to news readers.
  3. Digital video _____ involves analyzing each frame of the video and storing only the pixels that change from frame to frame.
  4. A(n) _____ expands the boundaries of a company's intranet to include networks outside of its Local Area Network setting.
  5. Digital photography and digital photo editing are sometimes referred to collectively as digital _____.
  1. a imaging
  2. b VPN
  3. c compression
  4. d protocols
  5. e RSS

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  1. spear phishing
  2. password
  3. geotagging
  4. updates
  5. encrypted

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  1. All of the following are photo-editing software applications EXCEPT _____.Adobe Illustrator


  2. The use of _____ technology to identify items for inventory may someday replace todays bar code system.last mile


  3. A medical office might send lab results to the wrong person, so the person receiving the results has access to another person's private medical information; this is an example of _____.mishandling of computer output


  4. The https:// protocol in a URL indicates the use of a(n) _____ by the Web site.SSL connection


  5. Which of the following is a social network with photo album capabilities?Facebook