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  1. We rely on _____ as the dominant technology to provide wireless Internet speed to its users.
  2. An example of a vector graphic image is _____.
  3. A(n) _____ may be used to control unnecessary data from coming into a business over the Internet.
  4. The introduction of _____ on cell phones was the first step towards realizing augmented reality.
  5. A medical office might send lab results to the wrong person, so the person receiving the results has access to another person's private medical information; this is an example of _____.
  1. a wireless fidelity
  2. b mishandling of computer output
  3. c clip art
  4. d firewall
  5. e GPS

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  1. 33
  2. Flash
  3. hoax
  4. imaging
  5. Wii

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  1. Two network systems that can exchange and process data using the same protocols is an example of _____.all of the above
    (the entire member community, everyone on the Web, members that you specify)


  2. The process of transferring music from CD to MP3 or another digital audio format is called _____ a CD.all of the above
    (smart phones, video game consoles, CD players)


  3. A pager receives signals from _____.transmitters


  4. With Bluetooth, up to _____ devices can be paired


  5. A basic example of _____ is the use of graphs and charts to illustrate numeric data.visualization