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  1. Devices attached to a network are identified as _____.
  2. Tagging a photo with geographic data is known as _____.
  3. A company called _____ provides digital certifications for Web transactions.
  4. A pager receives signals from _____.
  5. Information security is implemented at the individual machine level, the computer network level, and the _____ level.
  1. a transmitters
  2. b geotagging
  3. c Internet
  4. d VeriSign
  5. e nodes

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  1. white-hat
  2. digital
  3. User
  4. NFC
  5. ripping

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  1. With Bluetooth, up to _____ devices can be paired simultaneously.encrypted


  2. A PAN typically covers a range of around _____ feet.hertz


  3. Many of today's cell phones come equipped with _____ text technology keyboards to enhance texting.predictive


  4. Local Area Networks designed to serve an entire city are called _____ Area Networks.33


  5. Digital video _____ involves analyzing each frame of the video and storing only the pixels that change from frame to frame.compression