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  1. Photos and albums can be shared from an online service with _____.
  2. Digital images are made up of a grid of small points called _____.
  3. Three types of physical cables that carry a signal are twisted pair, fiber optic, and _____.
  4. A computer that carries out actions (often malicious) under the remote control of a hacker either directly or through spyware or a virus is called a _____ computer.
  5. A company may hire a _____ hacker to learn about vulnerabilities in their system.
  1. a white-hat
  2. b zombie
  3. c coaxial
  4. d pixels
  5. e all of the above
    (the entire member community, everyone on the Web, members that you specify)

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  1. updates
  2. Kindle
  3. imaging
  4. CMYK color model
  5. system admistrator

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  1. High end radio waves include infrared light and _____.transmitters


  2. A _____ card is a common netwrk device found in most laptop computers today.Photo-editing


  3. Social networks employ virtual reality to provide an environment in which individuals can interact through the use of _____.form factor


  4. A(n) _____ certificate is a type of electronic business card that is attached to Internet transaction data to verify the sender of the


  5. You can protect yourself from identity theft by using _____ when transmitting information over network connections.encryption