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Pre-tournament assessment

What kind of scoring does badminton have?

rally scoring

what is rally scoring?

both teams can score points no matter what team serves

what do you play up to?


how many points do you have to win by?


what line must you stand behind when serving?

the service line

can the player fake a serve?


on what hit must the birdie go past the service line?

the serve

do you serve underhand or overhand?


When serving, the birdie must be struck below the ________.


what do illegal serves result in?

a loss of serve and a point for the other team

if you serve the birdie and it hits the net is it legal?


if you serve underhand is it legal?


if the birdie lands in bounds is it legal?


if the birdie lands short of the service line when serving is it legal?


if a player's _____ or ______ hits the net it is a fault.

racket, body

if it is not a serve and the birdie hits the net and goes over is it still playable?


is the birdie considered in or out of bounds when it lands on the line?

in bounds

how many times does the server continue to serve?

until they fail to win a point


a mistake in a badminton game

what are four common faults?

1 faking a serve
2 touching the net with the racket or body
3 hitting the birdie into the net or out of bounds
4 having the birdie land on your court

what happens if you get a fault?

a point for the other team or a loss of serve

Which are the singles game lines?

Narrow and Long court lines

Which lines are the doubles game lines

Wide and short court lines

When playing a singles game, where do you serve from for the first service game? (Hint: Left or Right?)


When the score is even (add both scores together) the serve is on which side of the court (Hint: Left or Right)?


When the score is odd (both scores added together) the serve is on which side of the court? (Hint: Left or Right?)


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