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  1. inhibit proteins synthesis by binding to 30s ribosomal subunit of the 70s
  2. inhibits bacterial proteins synthesis by binding to 50s and inhibiting peptidyl transferase
  3. inhibits glucan synthase needed to form 1,3 beta Dglucan in fungal cell wall
  4. 1)beta lactamse production 2)modification of PBP 3)reduce penetration 4)multidrug efflux
  5. inhibit peptidoglycan synthesis by binding to penicillin binding proteins
  1. a cephalosporin's MOA
  2. b retapamulin MOA
  3. c penicillins's MOR
  4. d aminoglycosides MOA
  5. e echinocandins MOA

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  1. fluroquinolone MOR
  2. clofazimine MOA
  3. ethambutol MOA
  4. penicillin's MOA
  5. ansamycin MOA

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  1. inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by binding to 50s and prevents formation of 70s translationretapamulin MOA


  2. interferes with fungal membrane causes leakageundecylenic acid MOA


  3. inhibits lanosterols 14 alpha demethylase enzyme needed to convert lanosterol to fecosterol in the biosynthesis of ergosterolisoniazid MOA


  4. block DNA synthesis and protein synthesisdapsone MOA


  5. 1)impair influx and increased efflux by active transport protein pump caused by mutation or presence of inducible plasmid mediated resistance factor or increased inducible level of resistance 2)enzymatic inactivation 3)ribosome production due to production of proteins that interfere with tetracyclinetetracycline MOR