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  1. inhibits lanosterols 14 alpha demethylase enzyme needed to convert lanosterol to fecosterol in the biosynthesis of ergosterol
  2. "anionic detergent" inserts into cytoplasmic membrane of g(+) bacteria, forms nonspecific pore allows ions and small molecule passage through depolarized membrane
  3. increase ROS and may damage mycobacterial DNA
  4. 1)decrease expression of cytosine permease 2)decrease expression of cytosine deaminase
  5. reversible inhibit protein synthesis by binding to 30s ribosomal subunit (inhibits aa-tRNA in the mRNA complex)
  1. a tetracycline MOA
  2. b cyclic glycopeptide MOA (dapto)
  3. c clofazimine MOA
  4. d 5-FU MOR
  5. e azoles MOA

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  1. lincosamine MOR
  2. cycloserine's MOA
  3. carbapenem's MOA
  4. aminoglycosides' MOR
  5. sulfonamides MOR

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  1. 1)overproduction of enzymes 2)altered permeability of cell membrane 3)production of altered enzyme 4)plasmid encoded transmissible TMP resistant enzymetrimethoprim MOR


  2. alteration in uptake or enzymatic activationansamycin MOR


  3. bind to d-ala d-ala precursor in bacterial peptidoglycan and prevent cell wall formation (But binds to substrate not enzyme)glyclopeptides' MOA


  4. inhibit dihydrofolate reductaseansamycin MOR


  5. interferese with peptidyl t-RNA position needed to form peptide bondquinupristin MOA