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  1. interferes with fungal membrane causes leakage
  2. inhibits bacterial proteins synthesis by binding to 50s subunit and inhibits peptidyl transferase
  3. interferese with peptidyl t-RNA position needed to form peptide bond
  4. inactivates peptidyl donor and acceptor sites from peptidyl transferase
  5. reversible inhibit protein synthesis by binding to 30s ribosomal subunit (inhibits aa-tRNA in the mRNA complex)
  1. a dalfopristin MOA
  2. b undecylenic acid MOA
  3. c tetracycline MOA
  4. d chloramphenicol MOA
  5. e quinupristin MOA

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  1. fluroquinolones MOA
  2. allylamine MOA
  3. polypeptide's MOA
  4. 5-FU MOR
  5. penicillin's MOA

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  1. binds to 50s translocationmacrolide MOA


  2. release ammonia and formaldehydemacrolide MOA


  3. 1)decrease pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase 2)decrease penetrationmetronidazole MOA


  4. inhibits proteins synthesis by binding isoleucine tRNA ligaseaminoglycosides MOA


  5. radical anion by pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase--> superoxidesmetronidazole MOA