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  1. mutation in RNA polymerase
  2. tetracycline, chlorotetracycline, oxytetracycline
  3. 1)beta lactamse production 2)modification of PBP 3)reduce penetration 4)multidrug efflux
  4. increase ROS and may damage mycobacterial DNA
  5. 1)intermediate generates superoxide anions 2)decrease synthesis of proteins/DNA/RNA/cell wall synthesis
  1. a clofazimine MOA
  2. b ansamycin MOR
  3. c nitrofurantion MOA
  4. d penicillins's MOR
  5. e hydrophilic tetracyclines

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  1. trimethoprim MOR
  2. cephalosporin's MOA
  3. azoles MOR
  4. monobactam's MOA
  5. fosfomycin MOA

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  1. binds to 50s translocationmacrolide MOA


  2. 1)MDR efflux 2)increase alpha 14 alpha demethylase 3)alteration of 14 alpha demethylaseazoles MOR


  3. bind to d-ala d-ala precursor in bacterial peptidoglycan and prevent cell wall formation (But binds to substrate not enzyme)glyclopeptides' MOA


  4. block DNA synthesis and protein synthesis5-FU MOA


  5. 1)alterations in DNA gyrase and top IV 2)MDR efflux pump 3)alteration of g(-) membrane proteins decrease uptake into cellfluroquinolone MOR