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  1. inhibit dihydrofolate reductase
  2. inhibits proteins synthesis by binding isoleucine tRNA ligase
  3. 1)anaerboes(lack of EDP1) 2)alteration of 30s 3)decrease uptake or permeability 3)plasmid transfer of extrachromosomal R-factors
  4. inhibit peptidoglycan synthesis by binding to penicillin binding proteins
  5. 1)MDR efflux 2)increase 14 alpha demethylase 3)alteration of 14 alpha demethylase
  1. a monobactam's MOA
  2. b trimethoprim MOA
  3. c azoles MOR
  4. d mupirocin MOA
  5. e aminoglycosides' MOR

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  1. macrolide MOR
  2. sulfonamides MOA
  3. bacitracin's MOA
  4. chloramphenicol MOA
  5. dapsone MOA

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  1. inhibits glucan synthase needed to form 1,3 beta Dglucan in fungal cell wallmupirocin MOA


  2. interferes with fungal membrane causes leakageundecylenic acid MOA


  3. block DNA synthesis and protein synthesisgriseofulvin MOA


  4. binds to 50s translocationmacrolide MOA


  5. 1)MDR efflux 2)increase alpha 14 alpha demethylase 3)alteration of 14 alpha demethylaseazole MOR


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