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  1. increase ROS and may damage mycobacterial DNA
  2. inhibits protein synthesis (DNA/RNA); chelates polyvalent cations
  3. 1)impair influx and increased efflux by active transport protein pump caused by mutation or presence of inducible plasmid mediated resistance factor or increased inducible level of resistance 2)enzymatic inactivation 3)ribosome production due to production of proteins that interfere with tetracycline
  4. mutation in RNA polymerase
  5. inhibits bacterial proteins synthesis by binding to 50s subunit and inhibits peptidyl transferase
  1. a chloramphenicol MOA
  2. b ansamycin MOR
  3. c cicloprox MOA
  4. d clofazimine MOA
  5. e tetracycline MOR

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  1. penicillin's MOA
  2. glyclopeptides' MOA
  3. polypeptide's MOA
  4. hydrophilic tetracyclines
  5. aminoglycosides MOA

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  1. inhibits tetrahydrofolate synthesis (folate) by inhibition dihydropyteroate synthasemonobactam's MOA


  2. 1)intermediate generates superoxide anions 2)decrease synthesis of proteins/DNA/RNA/cell wall synthesis5-FU MOR


  3. antimitotic and inhibits fungal protein synthesisgriseofulvin MOA


  4. inhibit acyl carrier proteins/ function of mycobacterial fatty acid synthase IIpyrazinamide MOA


  5. radical anion by pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase--> superoxidesmetronidazole MOR


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