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  1. interferese with peptidyl t-RNA position needed to form peptide bond
  2. mutation in glucan synthase for the biosynthesis of 1,3 beta Dglucan
  3. 1)impair influx and increased efflux by active transport protein pump caused by mutation or presence of inducible plasmid mediated resistance factor or increased inducible level of resistance 2)enzymatic inactivation 3)ribosome production due to production of proteins that interfere with tetracycline
  4. radical anion by pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase--> superoxides
  5. "anionic detergent" inserts into cytoplasmic membrane of g(+) bacteria, forms nonspecific pore allows ions and small molecule passage through depolarized membrane
  1. a cyclic glycopeptide MOA (dapto)
  2. b quinupristin MOA
  3. c echiocandins MOR
  4. d tetracycline MOR
  5. e metronidazole MOA

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  1. carbapenem's MOA
  2. aminoglycosides MOA
  3. azole MOR
  4. 5-FU MOR
  5. lipophilic tetracycline

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  1. inhibit RNA transcription by inhibiting bacterial DNA-dependent RNA-polymerasepyrazinamide MOA


  2. inhibits monooxygenase known as squalene epoxidesdapsone MOA


  3. 1)decrease pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase 2)decrease penetrationmetronidazole MOR


  4. inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by bind to the 50s ribosomal subunit translocationlincosamine MOR


  5. 1)beta lactamse production 2)modification of PBP 3)reduce penetration 4)multidrug effluxmacrolide MOR