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Going to a Bar

ESLpod 786
suburbs; the area surrounding a city where there are many homes to get to his office downtown.
tavern; pub; a restaurant that mostly serves alcoholic drinks and some types of food
on tap
available from a faucet, usually when talking about a large barrel of beer that drinks can be served from
well drink
an alcoholic beverage made from one of more types of liquor, mixed with juices, carbonated water, and/or other liquors
a small amount of a very strong liquor, served in a very small glass
party hard
to enjoy oneself in an extreme way, having a lot of fun and usually drinking a lot of alcohol or using drugs
welcome any excuse to let your hair down
to be eager to have an opportunity or reason to relax and have fun, especially when you have been very stressed out, controlled, or limited in some way
that said
nevertheless; even though that is true
stinking drunk
intoxicated; inebriated; acting and speaking strangely because one has drunken too much alcohol and cannot control one's body or mind
school night
an evening when one has to go to school or work the next morning; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening
dance floor
the part of a bar, restaurant, hotel lobby, or other building where there is room for people to dance to music, often with a lot of lights
live band
a musical performance, not recorded music
disc jockey; a person whose job is to choose which recorded songs will be played for an audience, and in which order
cover charge
money that must be paid to enter a building, especially a popular bar or dance hall
complete; exhaustive; leaving nothing unknown or untouched
perception; the way one understands and interprets something, positive or negative
another person or other people; people whom one spends time with so that one is not alone
slur your words
to pronounce the sounds of a word in a way that is wrong or not clear