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If the EEG record reveals evidence of sleep spindles, you are likely to conclude that the sleeping person is in which stage of sleep?

stage 2

The sleep-wake cycle is ultimately controlled by the part of the brain called the ________.


Which device would a sleep researcher use to monitor a sleeping person's brain waves?

electroencephalograph (EEG)

According to research on sleep deprivation, a moderate amount of sleep loss ________.

is still a serious problem

Jane is experiencing loss of equilibrium, decreased sensory and motor capabilities, and double vision. How many drinks is Jane likely to have had?


After taking a drug for several years, Bruce decides to quit taking the drug. He begins to experience a variety of physical symptoms, psychological symptoms such as irritability, and a strong craving for the substance. What term is used to describe what Bruce is experiencing?


Each of the following is a sleep disorder EXCEPT ________.

REM rebound

A client tells his therapist about a dream of riding on a train with his boss. At the end of the journey, the boss gets off the train at a terminal. The content of this dream, as related by the client to the therapist, is what Freud called its ________.

manifest content

Social-cognitive theory of hypnosis suggests that ________.

people merely are playing a role

Morphine, heroin, and methadone ________.

are derived from opium

Mental activities that differ noticeably from normal waking consciousness are known as ________.

Altered states

A newspaper advertisement describes a book that offers interpretations of dreams. In attempting to tell readers the meaning of the symbols of their dreams, the author intends to describe the ________.

Latent content

Which of the following statements is correct concerning what hypnosis can do?

hypnosis cannot regress people back to childhood.

According to this theory, sleep is a product of evolution.

adaptive theory

Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by ________.

difficulty breathing while asleep.

Each of the following is a sleep disorder EXCEPT ________.

REM rebound

The stage of sleep in which delta waves begin to appear is ________ sleep

stage 3

Which of the following statements is CORRECT concerning the concept of gender and dreams?

Research supports the idea that there are gender differences in dream content.

Heroin addiction has been treated with ________.


Laurie, a 30-year-old homemaker, has delusions and hallucinations, often acts silly, giggles loudly and inappropriately, makes odd gestures, and does not bathe or change her clothes regularly. Her symptoms indicate she is suffering from ________ schizophrenia.


Which model of abnormality views abnormal behavior as the result of illogical thinking?


The police find a man who is disheveled and in a daze wandering through the downtown area. When the police ask him for his name, he seems bewildered. A search of missing persons photographs reveals that this man was reported missing three months ago in a town more than 700 miles away. The man is most likely suffering from ________.

Dissociative fugue

Dr. Garcia is treating a patient who has a fear of knives. He believes his patient's fear is a kind of displacement, in which the phobic object is a symbol of whatever his patient has buried deep inside her unconscious mind. Dr. Garcia's view is consistent with that of ________.

the psychodynamic model

Dr. Ting is working with a 16-year old client who presents with the symptoms of a moderate case of depression. As part of his intake session, Dr. Ting learns that his client, Geoff, has suffered from very serious cystic acne for 4 years and is constantly teased by his pears for having such bad skin. On which of the axes would Dr. Ting chart this information?

Axis III

Fear of being in a place or situation from which escape is difficult or impossible if something should go wrong is called ________.


According to the behaviorists, disordered behavior is a result of ________.

a set of learned responses

Maria is a retired factory worker who lives with anxiety. Due to the fear of having anxiety attacks, she does not leave her house. This makes her feel trapped in her home, which creates distress. Which criterion would be most appropriate in deciding whether Maria's case represents an example of abnormality?

subjective discomfort

Excessive or unrealistic fearfulness and worry are characteristic of ________.

anxiety disorders

Which of the following is a legitimate hypothesis that explains why the rate of depression appears to be twice as high for women as compared to men across various cultures?

social roles

In any given year, about ________ percent of adults over the age of 18 suffer from a mental disorder.


What of the following is the most commonly diagnosed psychological disorder in the United States?

Major depressive disorder

When a psychologist or psychiatrist is using the DSM-IV-TR as a guide to evaluating a client, he or she would assess the client on each of five ________.


Fears of snakes, thunderstorms, darkness, and water are classified as ________ phobias


John has made a career of stealing older people's retirement money by taking advantage of their trust and selling them phony retirement investments. John explains that he has done nothing wrong—if these people were not so greedy, they would not be so eager to invest in his phony schemes. In his mind, his victims got exactly what they deserved. John's behavior and attitude are typical of someone with ________ personality disorder


Excessive or unrealistic fearfulness and worry are characteristic of ________.

anxiety disorders

The ________ model of mental illness explains that disorders such as anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia are caused by chemical imbalances, genetic problems, brain damage or dysfunction, or some combination of those causes.


What type of drugs are the traditional antianxiety drugs, or minor tranquilizers, such as Valium?


Allen, who has a drug abuse problem, is MOST likely to be successfully treated by ________.

Behavior therapies

Electroconvulsive therapy has been used successfully to treat ________ that has not responded to other treatments.

severe depression

Julie has a fear of riding in elevators. She is seeing a therapist who asks her to construct a hierarchy of her fears related to riding in elevators. In addition, her therapist is teaching her to relax while imagining each fear in the hierarchy. Julie's therapist is using ________.

systematic desensitization

Every time Jarrad opens his cigarette case or uses his lighter, he gets a painful electric shock. Jarrad's friends and family have been asked not to give him any cigarettes or light any cigarettes for him, so he must use his own lighter if he wants to smoke. Eventually, Jarrad loses his desire to smoke, thanks to ________.

aversion conditioning

According to Albert Ellis, we become unhappy and depressed about events because of ________.

our irrational beliefs

Which of the following is a key component of Rogers's person-centered therapy?

unconditional positive regard

In interpreting a dream, a psychoanalyst would attempt to discover the dream's ________.

latent content

You are a psychiatrist who specializes in treating schizophrenia. Joe is experiencing the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, including withdrawal, apathy, and reduced communication. Which of the following medications are you apt to prescribe to treat Joe?

atypical neuroleptics

Your friend has applied to several medical schools. After receiving one rejection letter, she concludes that she will not be admitted to any school and feels depressed. Your friend is engaging in ________.


Dr. Graham listens to Maria's statements and then restates what he feels is Maria's message and describes her emotions. What type of therapy is Dr. Graham practicing?

Person-centered therapists

Therapy that depends on identifying and changing distorted thinking and unrealistic beliefs is ________ therapy.

Cognitive therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy has been used successfully to treat ________ that has not responded to other treatments

severe depression

Estella is afraid of cats. To help her overcome her fear, her mother calmly pets and strokes a cat while Estella is watching. Her mother encourages her to imitate her behavior. Estella's mother is using ________.


Joe has been undergoing psychoanalysis for several months. Over the past few weeks, he has become unwilling to talk about his relationship with his father and becomes uncomfortable when thoughts of him enter his mind during therapy. What process would the therapist say is occurring


Bob has been under a physician's care for depression. Although his symptoms have disappeared and he has suffered no major side effects, he has had to go on a severely restricted diet since his treatment began and be careful about eating certain smoked, fermented, or pickled foods, and drinking certain beverages. In addition, he needs to be careful about taking other medications due to a risk of severe high blood pressure. Bob's doctor has probably been treating him with ________.


Which person might benefit the MOST from a group therapy environment?

People who are sociable

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