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  1. motion
  2. acceleration
  3. current electricity
  4. conservation
  5. friction
  1. a a change in position
  2. b a change in the speed or direction of a moving object
  3. c to use less of a natural resource
  4. d force that opposes and slows down motion
  5. e movement of electrical charge

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  1. the ability to do work
  2. instrument used to measure electrical pressure
  3. any push or pull that causes a change in motion
  4. made of more than one type of simple machine
  5. energy resource formed from the remains of dead plants and animals. includes coal, oil, natural gas

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  1. gravitythe ability to do work


  2. mechanical energyenergy of moving parts


  3. balanced forceforces equal in value


  4. unbalanced forceforces equal in value


  5. kinetic energyenergy stored in an object as a result of its position