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  1. balanced force
  2. transform
  3. nuclear energy
  4. gravity
  5. friction
  1. a forces equal in value
  2. b to change
  3. c force of attraction between two objects that have mass
  4. d energy produced by fission or fusion of atomic nuclei
  5. e force that opposes and slows down motion

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  1. energy of moving parts
  2. flow of electrons through a wire (or other conductor)
  3. matter with a positive or negative charge caused by the removal or addition of electrons
  4. instrument used to measure force
  5. to use less of a natural resource

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  1. energyto force away


  2. electromagnetflow of electrons through a wire (or other conductor)


  3. workany push or pull that causes a change in motion


  4. potential energyheat from Earth's interior. can be used as a renewable energy resource


  5. complex machinemade of more than one type of simple machine