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  1. geothermal energy
  2. fossil fuel
  3. balanced force
  4. force
  5. potential energy
  1. a forces equal in value
  2. b any push or pull that causes a change in motion
  3. c heat from Earth's interior. can be used as a renewable energy resource
  4. d energy resource formed from the remains of dead plants and animals. includes coal, oil, natural gas
  5. e energy stored in an object as a result of its position

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  1. to change
  2. a temporary magnet made by passing electric current through a wire coiled around an iron bar
  3. matter with a positive or negative charge caused by the removal or addition of electrons
  4. a change in position
  5. instrument used to measure force

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  1. gravityforce of attraction between two objects that have mass


  2. simple machinedevice which changes the direction or size of a force


  3. workto use a force to move an object


  4. voltmeterto force away


  5. attractto draw to oneself