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He spoke cleary,but I didn't understand him
She saw me,but she didn't recognize me

Hablo claramente,pero no le entendi
Ella me vio pero no me reconocio

They were not having fun,however they stayed until the party was over
He doesn't study much;however he gets good grades at school

sin embargo
Ellos no se estaban divirtiendo;sin embargo se quedaron hasta que la fiesta termino
El no estudia mucho;sin embargo consiguio buenas notas en la escuela
idea positiva however idea negativa

nonetheless / nevertheless
it was very stormy,nevertheless we went fishing
she had not experience;nonetheless she got the job

no obstante
Estaba muy tormentoso;no obstante fuimos a pescar
No tiene experiencia;no obstante consiguio el trabajo
idea negativa nevertheless idea positiva

yet / even so
he was a very good swimmer;even so he drowned
he wanted to reply to that accusation,yet he didn't

aun así
Era un buen nadador,aun asi se ahogo
El queria contestar a esa acusacion,aun asi no lo hizo
Yet es aun asi con negativas

Jack didn't study for the test;still he managed to pass it
He can not speak very well;still he undestands everything

aun asi
Jack no estudio para la prueba,aun asi logro aprobarla
No puede hablar muy bien,aun asi lo entiende todo

I was invited to a party on Saturday,but went to bed instead
I am not going out tonight.Instead I will stay home and cook something

en su lugar, en lugar de ello
Fui invitado a una fiesta el sabado,pero me fui a la cama en su lugar
No saldre esta noche.En su lugar estare en cas y cocinare algo

on the contrary
The boy in not dumb;on the contrary he's very smart for his age
Condors are solitary birds.On the contrary seagulls live in flocks

por el contrario
El muchacho no es tonto.Por el contrario es muy inteligente para su edad
Los Condors son pajaros solitarios.Por el contrario las gaviotas viven en bandadas

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