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The baby is crying because he is hungry
They want to come because they want to see me

El bebe esta llorando porque tiene hambre
Quieren venir porque quieren verme

We'll have to say home,for it is raining outside
She turned on the lights,for she was afraid of the dark

pues,puesto que
Tendremos que quedarnos en casa,puesto que esta lloviendo fuera
Ella encenndio las luces puesto que tenia miedo de la oscuridad
Es mas literario

because of
They stayed in because of the bad weather
She can not play sports because of her illness

debido a
Se quedaron en casa debido al mal tiempo
No puede hacer deportes debido a su enfermedad

He won't understand,since he doesn't speak English
They decided to go sleep,since it was very late

ya que,puesto que,como
No entendera ,ya que no habla ingles
Decidieron irse a dormir ya que era muy tarde

She failed to pass the exam,as she made many mistakes
They couldn't find us,as they didn't have our address

puesto que
Suspendio el examen,puesto que cometio muchos errores
No pudieron encontrarnos ,pusto que no les dimos nuestra direccion

due to / owing to
The unemployment was high due to the economic crisis
They had a delay owing to the traffic jam

debido a
El desempleo era alto debido a la crisis economica
Tuvieron una demora debido al embotellamiento del trafico

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