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  1. Ho Chi Minh
  2. Square Deal
  3. Kamikaze
  4. 14 Points
  5. Speculation
  1. a This was Wilson's plan for peace in Europe. Meeting in Paris with other world leaders, Wilson outlined a number of actions that the world should take in order to ensure peace then and in the future.
  2. b A suicide plane tactic used by the Japanese in the Battle for Leyte Bay.
  3. c The engagement in risky business transactions, the buying and selling of stocks in the chance of quick or considerable profit.
  4. d This term was used to describe the progressive reforms in the Roosevelt administration.
  5. e He was the leader of the North Vietnamese that led a Communist revolt in Vietnam.

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  1. This process made using steel for construction much more useful.
  2. A system whereby merchant ships would travel with a circling guard of destroyers and cruisers.
  3. A seamstress and an NAACP officer who refused to give up her bus seat.
  4. The U.S. called for open access to China's coastal ports, the elimination of special privileges for any of the trading nations, and the maintenance of China's independence.
  5. This tax was enacted for using the voting booth. It prohibited many African Americans from voting.

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  1. Bill ClintonThe first member of the baby boom generation to become President; he represented youth and Democratic principles.


  2. New FederalismTo lure readers, Hearst and Pulitzer's magazines published exaggerated accounts of world events.


  3. Direct ReliefDuring the early part of the Depression there was not action taken by the government to help the poor.


  4. CreditAlthough he was not the emperor of Japan, as military leader and the new Prime Minister, he designed the Japan war plan in the Pacific theater.


  5. Cesar ChavezFormed around the poor of the urban areas, these lines offered food relief for the poor.