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  1. Open Door Notes
  2. Glasnot
  3. Nisei
  4. Price Supports
  5. Espionage and Sedition Acts
  1. a Japanese Americans that were born in this country and therefore were citizens and were shipped to internment camps.
  2. b The maintaining of certain price levels for key products at or above market value utilizing government funds.
  3. c The U.S. called for open access to China's coastal ports, the elimination of special privileges for any of the trading nations, and the maintenance of China's independence.
  4. d A Russian term that encouraged openness in discussing social problems, free speech.
  5. e This act was passed by Congress to control individuals and groups that obstructed the war effort in their speech, press, and actions.

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  1. This inventor, utilizing electricity, made the first useable light bulb. He is noted for many other inventions as well.
  2. October 29, 1929, the day the stock market fell.
  3. The 7,000-page document that, when leaked to the public, revealed the U.S. government had not been honest about its intentions in the Vietnam War.
  4. Makeshift shacks where migrants and workers would live as they worked the agricultural fields of the West.
  5. This tax was enacted for using the voting booth. It prohibited many African Americans from voting.

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  1. Bread LinesFormed around the poor of the urban areas, these lines offered food relief for the poor.


  2. Robert McNamaraSecretary of Defense who aided LBJ when he sent soldiers to Vietnam.


  3. United NationsCountries that were dominated by and dependent upon the Soviet Union.


  4. Yellow JournalismTo lure readers, Hearst and Pulitzer's magazines published exaggerated accounts of world events.


  5. Social DarwinismThis philosophy utilized new biological foundations that suggested the "fittest will rise to the top." Applying this idea to business, many business men could now rationalize their ruthless behavior.