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  1. Jimmy Carter
  2. Graft
  3. Yellow Journalism
  4. NAACP (National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People)
  5. Winston Churchill
  1. a The illegal use of political influence for personal gain.
  2. b A former governor of Georgia and a peanut farmer, the democratic candidate won the election of 1976.
  3. c An African American organization that in 1906, called for the full equality of black Americans.
  4. d The leader of Great Britain during WWII; famous for the iron curtain speech.
  5. e To lure readers, Hearst and Pulitzer's magazines published exaggerated accounts of world events.

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  1. The Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren that dealt many important rulings.
  2. Nixon's plan to end America's involvement in Vietnam that called for gradual withdrawal of troops.
  3. Those countries joined together that included: France, Great Britain, and Russia.
  4. A suicide plane tactic used by the Japanese in the Battle for Leyte Bay.
  5. This process made using steel for construction much more useful.

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  1. ConsumerismThe belief that women should have economic, political, and social equality.


  2. OppenheimerHe was the leader of the scientists at Los Alamos that actually built the Atomic Bomb.


  3. Poll TaxThe governor of Wisconsin and leader of the progressive movement, he championed control of big business, better working conditions for workers, and treating business the same as people are treated.


  4. Thomas EdisonThis inventor, utilizing electricity, made the first useable light bulb. He is noted for many other inventions as well.


  5. RickenbackerHe founded Standard Oil Co. when he bought out many competitors.


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