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  1. 14 Points
  2. Muckrakers
  3. Baby Boom
  4. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  5. Manhattan Project
  1. a The heir to the Austrian throne murdered in Sarajevo which was the incident that touched off WWI.
  2. b This was the best kept secret of the war. Likewise, it was the most ambitious scientific enterprise of the war. This program established the atomic weapons that would end the war.
  3. c This was Wilson's plan for peace in Europe. Meeting in Paris with other world leaders, Wilson outlined a number of actions that the world should take in order to ensure peace then and in the future.
  4. d Journalists who wrote about the corrupt side of business in mass circulation magazines during the early 1920s.
  5. e An unprecedented population explosion occurring as soldiers returned from WWII.

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  1. He was a latino that unionized migrant farm workers to end exploitation in America's Southwest.
  2. An arrangement to buy now and pay later.
  3. A Russian term that referred to the reconstructing of the Soviet economic and political elements in Soviet society.
  4. He was the leader of the Nazi party and Germany itself during WWII. His name is associated with all evil.
  5. The first city that was destroyed using a nuclear weapon. This military location in Japan ceased to exist on August 6, 1945.

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  1. Berlin WallThe ability to remove elected officials and legislation from public office.


  2. Haight-AsburyHe was the Commanding General in the Pacific. He was likewise the leader of occupying forces that entered Japan.


  3. BlitzkriegGermany's military strategy during WWII or lightening war.


  4. Boulder DamThis tax was enacted for using the voting booth. It prohibited many African Americans from voting.


  5. Political MachineHe not only built the first passenger cars for trains, he built a city around the industrial sites where they were made.