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  1. Pullman
  2. Cesar Chavez
  3. Eugene V. Debs
  4. Nuremburg Trials
  5. United Nations
  1. a After the fall of Germany, this event was conducted to expose and convict the leaders of Germany responsible for the war and the crimes committed against allied countries.
  2. b He not only built the first passenger cars for trains, he built a city around the industrial sites where they were made.
  3. c This union man looked at capitalism in a different light suggesting that it was not productive for workers and never would be. He promoted more socialistic ideals.
  4. d He was a latino that unionized migrant farm workers to end exploitation in America's Southwest.
  5. e This was to be the new organization of countries that would serve as an international peacekeeping body.

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  1. It was made up of more than 100 ministers and civil rights leaders and its purpose was "to carry on nonviolent crusades against the evils of second-class citizenship."
  2. The first city that was destroyed using a nuclear weapon. This military location in Japan ceased to exist on August 6, 1945.
  3. Taking illegal payments for services made.
  4. In order to meet the demand for American soldiers, Congress passed this act.
  5. He was assassinated during the Presidential campaign of 1968. He represented a Democratic ideal of ending the war and peace in our lifetime.

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  1. Battle of the BulgeGermany's last counter offensive. This military drive broke through American lines. Lasting for a month, Germany retreated finally as the battle was carried to Berlin.


  2. Rough RidersA defense department - "strategic defense initiative"; this idea outlines putting military satellites in space.


  3. CarnegieHe was an entrepreneur that revolutionized business practices. As an oil magnate, he came to great wealth later selling his holdings to become one of the great philanthropists.


  4. SpeculationThe engagement in risky business transactions, the buying and selling of stocks in the chance of quick or considerable profit.


  5. Tammany HallA second site, this city in Japan was also destroyed by an atomic bomb.