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Word coined by combining parts of "stagnation" and "inflation" which means inflation that is not improving


Nationwide celebration in 1976 of the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence

Operation Sail

Procession of decorated ships in New York Harbor in honor of the American Bicentennial

National Farm Workers Association

Labor union of Mexican-born farm workers founded by migrant leader Cesar Chavez

Black Power

Movement in the 1960's by African Americans that supported the use of force and political and economic power in the struggle for equal rights

Equal Rights Amendment

(ERA) Failed Constitutional amendment proposed in 1972 to provide that equal rights for women


Continuous heavily populated urban area connecting a number of cities

Inner City

Usually and older, run down and densely populated central section of a city

Urban Decay

Decline in prosperity or ruining of a city area caused by a population shift to the suburbs


Harmful substances that affect the quality of the environment


"Smoke" plus "fog" produced by smoke and chemical fumes

Acid Rain

Rain containing a high concentration of industrial chemicals that falls as pollution

Greenhouse Effect

Warming of the earth's surface cause by air pollution in the earth's atmosphere

Environmental Protection Agency

(EPA) Department established in 1970 to monitor pollution and seek ways to reduce it

Nuclear Energy

Energy released by controlled nuclear reactions; developed in the twentieth century as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels

Three Mile Island

Nuclear power plant near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that was the site of an accident in 1979


Soviet nuclear power plant that exploded in 1986 and released massive amounts of radiation over a widespread area

Twenty-Sixth Amendment

Constitutional amendment that gave 18 to 20 year olds the right to vote

Camp David Accords

Peace agreement between Israel's Premier Begin and Egypt's President Sadat initiated by President Carter in 1979

Inflation Rate

Amount of inflation or the degree to which inflation affects the economy

Supply-Side Economics

Policy followed by President Reagan that lowered tax rates in order to increase spending, which would thereby increase tax revenues


Rebels in Nicaragua who set up a government friendly to the Soviets

Income Tax Act

Law passed in 1986 that lowered income taxes, especially for the poor


Nicaraguan counter-revolutionaries who received aid from the U.S. in their effort to overthrow the ruling Sandinista government

Boland Amendment

Law passed in 1984 that prohibited U.S. aid to foreign revolutionary groups


South African policy of separation of the races

Strategic Defense Initiative

(Star Wars) Complex, computerized anti-missile system that president Reagan urged Congress to support with large sums of money

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