12 terms

Short Fiction Chaps 2-3 Terms

the sequence of incidents or events in which an author constructs a story
a position in which the protagonist must choose between two courses of action, both undesirable
the artistic representation of human character or motives
Direct presentation
author straight out telling the reader what the character is like, or they have another character in the story describe them
Indirect presentation
author shows the reader the character through their actions, thus we determine how they are by what they say or do
giving emotional affect to the character
Flat characters
characters that usually have only one or two predominant traits
Round characters
characters that are complex and many sided
Stock character
a stereotyped character who has occurred so often in fiction that we can easily identify them
Static character
a character who remains essentially the same person from the beginning of the story to the end
Developing (Dynamic) character
a character that undergoes some distinct change of character, personality, or outlook
a moment of spiritual insight into life of into the character's own circumstances