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(v.) to make a sound similar to that of a bull, roar; (n.) a loud, angry roar; The lighthouse's fog horn made a deep _____ sound.


(n) one who benefits from something; a person who is left money or other property in a will or the like; The wealthy man was a _____ from his wealthy uncle's death.


(v.) to repair or patch poorly; make a mess of; (n.) a hopelessly bungled job; The repair man had only a short time to fix the box, he ended up messily _____ it.


(v.) to fill or cover in a disorderly way; (n.) a state of disorder, mess; There were too many books _____ on the shelf.


(adj.) falling apart or ruined, run-down; The old house became _____ over many years of being un cared for.


(v.) to take apart; to strip of something; the wrecking ball was called in to _____ the old building.


(n.) a play filled with ridiculous or absurd happenings; broad or far-fetched humor; a ridiculous sham; the circus clowns were very _____ while putting on a show.


(adj.) not successful, failing to have any result; useless; unimportant, frivolous. trying to kill the cockroach was _____.


(adj.) very tiring, calling for an extreme effort; carring the injured soldier was a _____ process.


(adj.) offering friendly or generous treatment to guests; open toanything new or strange; the five star hotel was very _____.


(n) the home or den of a wild animal; any hideout; the cave was a bear's _____.


(adj.) overly generous, extravagant; abundant; (v.) to spend or give freely or without limit; the girl who went to the store with a stack of money began to go on a _____ shopping spree.


(adj.) in an unhealthy mental state, extremely gloomy; caused by or related to disease, unwholesome; the crazed murder was in a morbid mental state.


(adj.) widely known because of bad conduct


(v.) to allow too many privileges, be too generous and easygoing toward; the elderly woman _____ her cat.


(n.) an organism that lives on or in another organism; one who lives off another person; the sick dog had a parasite.


(v.) to avoid or get out of doing work, neglect a duty; to sneak, slink; the teen _____ instead of doing work.


(n.) an amount beyond what is required, excess; (adj.) more than what is needed or expected; target had a surplus of things to buy.


(n.) the state of being easily frightened; the girl was full of _____ in front of a camera.


(n.) the power to forbid or prevent; (v.) to prohibit, reject; the CEO had _____ power in the company.

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