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Ms. Bonvillain Chapter 15 CFUs

How did black veterans of World War II react to segregation?
Since they had fought for the country in World War II, they wanted their full rights as citizens.
How was the Baton Rouge bus boycott ended?
A compromise ended the boycott. The agreement provided that blacks would enter the bus from the back and whites from the front. Blacks could sit anywhere except the front two seats. Blacks also could not sit in front of whites or on the same seats as whites.
What is the oldest civil rights organization?
How did the state legislature react to the judge's order to desegregate schools?
The legislature took control of a number of local boards of education and established a Joint Committee on Segregation that tried to block changes in the schools.
How did Governor McKeithen respond to the protest march froom Bogalusa to Baton Rouge?
He protected the marchers by sending the National Guard.
Name two construction projects completed while Jimmie Davis was governor.
The Sunshine Bridge and the Toledo Bend Dam
What did Governor McKeithen do to improve the state's economy?
He traveled around the country promoting the state and inviting people to come for a visit. He also established a separate state agency to promote tourism.
What two groups helped elect Edwin Edwards?
Aferican Americans and Cajuns
What major tax change was made while Edwin Edwards was governor?
A change in how severance taxes were assessed
Who wrote the 1974 state constitution?
delegates elected by the people
What was the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in its Baker v. Carr decision?
Voting districts must be fairly based on population
What was one way the women's rights movement affected Louisiana?
More women were elected to public office.
What was one reason for the growth of the suburbs?
the interstate highway system
What was the main cause of the conflict between the older and younger generations during the 1960s?
How did college students in Louisiana react to the Vietnam War?
Some participated in protest marches and organized in a rally in support of students who were killed at Kent State. Other young people who supported the war effort.
What was the purpose of the Bicentenial of 1976?
To celebrate the bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence