Chapter 1 Foundations of Government

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Which system of government is an indirect form of democracy, placing political decision making at least one step away from the people?
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The form of government in which one person controls most of the governing decisions is anautocracyThe vast majority of the world's nations have which system of government?unitaryWhich of the following describes a confederal system?the central government only has the powers given to it by the statesThe power to carry out, enforce, and administer the law is known asexecutive powerThe supreme power of a state to act within its territory and have absolute authority over its internal and external affairs is calledsovereigntyWhich of the following is a basic function of government?ensuring national securityRulers who are seen as right and proper by key segments of their nation's population havelegitimacyWhich philosopher argued that government must have great power to force obedience to its laws and to defend itself?Thomas HobbesWhat three basic types of power do people in government exercise?legislative, executive, judicialWhich of the following are characteristics of a state?population and sovereigntyWhich of the following is an example of providing for the public good?maintaining a supply of clean waterWho said that life without government was like a war pitting each individual against the other?Thomas HobbesThe Chinese concept of "Mandate of Heaven" is an example of rule bydivine rightWhich theory holds that the first governments formed as result of people agreeing among themselves to submit to the authority of a state?social contract theoryWhich philosopher believed that the formation of societies and government corrupted the human condition and introduced inequality?Jean-Jacques RousseauWhich power involves the authority to interpret the laws and to settle disputes between members of society?judicialWhich of the following is another name for the term general welfare?public goodWhat societal characteristics is Alexis de Tocqueville describing?commitment to the common goodWhat form of democracy are most democracies in large, industrialized nations?republicWhat principle of American democracy is at work when two opposing groups relax some of their demands in an attempt to reach an agreement?compromise"All men are created equal" reflects the Founders' commitment to which principle?individual worthWhy did our nation's Founders believe deeply in safeguarding economic freed?economic freedom allows people to build wealthWhat is the function of government in a free enterprise system?limiting its interferenceIn the early days of the American republic, people general thought of liberty asfreedomWhat two ideals of democracy did Alexis De Tocqueville think must be kept in balance in order to prevent democratic despotism?liberty and equalityIntegral to the ideal of self-government is the notion that ultimate government authority comes frompeopleAmericans believe strongly that a balance should be struck between majority rule andprotecting minority rightsWhat principle of American democracy is exemplified when people vote, obey the law, serve on juries, keep informed about current, issues, or volunteer for social services?citizen participationThe U.S. federal system consists of a national government and what other level of government?stateThe president heads which part of the government?executive