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cuba libre

1 oz. rum
fill w/ coke
garnish w/ lime

jack of spade

1 oz. jack daniels
fill w/ sprite

7 and 7

1 oz. segrams 7 whiskey


1 oz. tanqueray gin
fill w/ tonic water

fuzzy navel

1 oz. peach snapps
fill w/ oj

cape cod

1 oz. vodka
fill with cranberry
garnish w/ lime

grey hound

1 oz vodka
fill w/ grapefruit

salty dog

rim w/ salt
1 oz. vodka
fill w/ grapefruit

hairy navel

1/2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz peach snapps
fill w/ oj

bay breeze

1 oz. vodka
1/2 cranbery
1/2 pinapple

sea breeze

1 oz. vodka
1/2 cranberry
1/2 grapefruit


1 oz vodka
1/2 craanberry
1/2 oj

sex on the beach

1/2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. peach snapps
fill w/ cran berry & oj

melon ball

1/2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. melon liqueur
fill w/ oj

tequila sunrise

1 oz. tequila
fill w/ oj
float w/ grenadine
garnish w/ cherry

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