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  1. Locutionary
  2. Fricative
  3. Clustering
  4. 3 conditions to be considered a true word
  5. Motor control
  1. a Narrow constriction through which air passes (f, s)
  2. b First ,meaningful words.
  3. c Phonetic relationship to an adult word, use consistently, must occur I. Presence of referent.
  4. d Muscle movement and the sensory feedback that informs the brain of the extent of that movement.
  5. e The use of predictable phonotactic units within words.

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  1. The ability to register sensory information.
  2. Complete obstruction of airstream (p, t, k)
  3. Lateral flow in the airstream (only L)
  4. Perlocutionary, illocutionary, locutionary
  5. Sensation, perception, motor control and cognition

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  1. Piaget's elements of cognitionBilabial, labiodental, dental, alveolar, post alveolar, palatal, velar.


  2. PerceptionVisual and auditory. Using sensory info and previous knowledge to make sense of incoming stimuli.


  3. HabituationWhen infant becomes used to certain stimulus- able to tune out things.


  4. 6 pragmatic categoriesControl, representational, expressive, social, tutorial, procedural.


  5. Perlocutionary8-9 mos. Eye contact, consistent sounds, intonation.