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  1. Adult teaching techniques.
  2. Plosive
  3. Fricative
  4. Affricate
  5. Clustering
  1. a Modeling, prompting, responding behavior
  2. b Combination of plosive followed by a fricative. (ch, sh)
  3. c Complete obstruction of airstream (p, t, k)
  4. d The use of predictable phonotactic units within words.
  5. e Narrow constriction through which air passes (f, s)

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  1. The ability to register sensory information.
  2. When infant becomes used to certain stimulus- able to tune out things.
  3. Birth-8 mos. Crying, cooking, body and face expressions.
  4. Produced by the proximity of 2 articulators without turbulence (w)
  5. Plosive, fricative, affricate, approximant, lateral, nasal

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  1. Illocutionary8-9 mos. Eye contact, consistent sounds, intonation.


  2. 6 pragmatic categoriesEvocative utterance, hypothesis testing, interrogative utterance, selective imitation


  3. 3 stage sequence in early communication developmentPerlocutionary, illocutionary, locutionary


  4. 4 areas of neurological development that impact language.Sensation, perception, motor control and cognition


  5. Places of articulationPlosive, fricative, affricate, approximant, lateral, nasal


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