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  1. Piaget's elements of cognition
  2. 4 phases of joint reference
  3. Plosive
  4. Habituation
  5. 3 stage sequence in early communication development
  1. a Complete obstruction of airstream (p, t, k)
  2. b Organization, adaptation, schema, equilibrium, assimilation, accommodation
  3. c When infant becomes used to certain stimulus- able to tune out things.
  4. d Perlocutionary, illocutionary, locutionary
  5. e Mastering joint attention, intention to communicate, gestures and vocalization, naming/topicalizing

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  1. Narrow constriction through which air passes (f, s)
  2. Birth-8 mos. Crying, cooking, body and face expressions.
  3. Sensation, perception, motor control and cognition
  4. Phonetic relationship to an adult word, use consistently, must occur I. Presence of referent.
  5. Visual and auditory. Using sensory info and previous knowledge to make sense of incoming stimuli.

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  1. ApproximantCombination of plosive followed by a fricative. (ch, sh)


  2. NasalLateral flow in the airstream (only L)


  3. Vowels are described in what two ways?Tongue height and front to back positioning


  4. Places of articulationBilabial, labiodental, dental, alveolar, post alveolar, palatal, velar.


  5. SensationThe ability to register sensory information.