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  1. Vowels are described in what two ways?
  2. Lateral
  3. Illocutionary
  4. Approximant
  5. Perlocutionary
  1. a Tongue height and front to back positioning
  2. b Produced by the proximity of 2 articulators without turbulence (w)
  3. c Birth-8 mos. Crying, cooking, body and face expressions.
  4. d Lateral flow in the airstream (only L)
  5. e 8-9 mos. Eye contact, consistent sounds, intonation.

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  1. First ,meaningful words.
  2. Narrow constriction through which air passes (f, s)
  3. When infant becomes used to certain stimulus- able to tune out things.
  4. Perlocutionary, illocutionary, locutionary
  5. Muscle movement and the sensory feedback that informs the brain of the extent of that movement.

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  1. Places of articulationBilabial, labiodental, dental, alveolar, post alveolar, palatal, velar.


  2. Adult teaching techniques.Control, representational, expressive, social, tutorial, procedural.


  3. AffricateCombination of plosive followed by a fricative. (ch, sh)


  4. NasalProduced in the nasal cavity (n, ng, m)


  5. SensationThe ability to register sensory information.