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Who was the first Communist leader of China?

Mao Zadong

Who is the current Chinese president?

Hu Jintao

Who is the current Premier of China?

Wen Jiabao

Who drastically altered China's direction through the Four Modernizations?

Deng Xiaoping

Who created the belief system of principle used to shape early Chinese political life?


What was the 6,000 mile flight of Chinese Communists from southeastern to northwestern China?

The Long March

What was China's failed plan under Mao that aimed to speed up economic development and develop a socialist society?

Great Leap Forward

What was the campaign launched by Mao to trick scholars into speaking against the government so he could later accuse them of betrayal, and get rid of them?

Hundred Flowers Campaign

What was the campaign in China ordered by Mao Zedong to purge the Communist Party of his opponents and instill revolutionary values in the younger generation?

Cultural Revolution

What was the student movement identified by the "Tank Man" in 1989?

Tienanmen Square

According to the constitution, what body should have power, but in reality it does not?

National People's Congress

What is China's military unit, the largest in the world?

People's Liberation Army

What is the executive branch of China?

The State Council

What is the judicial body in China with no judicial review authority?

Supreme People's Court

What is the group that controls almost all political institutions?


What is the head of the CCP party called?

General Secretary

What is the name of the political party that feuded with the CCP in the early 20th century?

KMT or Nationalist Party

What country took control of the CCP soon after it formed?

Soviet Union

What philosophy was inspirational toward the early CCP leadership?


What political term, that theoretically means that internal disagreements are kept to a minimum, can be used to describe the CCP?

Democratic centralism

What kind of government is China?

Authoritarian communist state

What were the four modernizations?

Industry, agriculture, science, and military

What is the official religion of China?


What is the largest ethnic group of China?

Han Chinese

What is the only interest group in China?


Who are the leaders of China?

Hu Jinao and Wen Jiabao

How did Wen Jiabao come to power?

He was nominated by president and confirmed by National People's Congress

At what level of government do citizens have some voice in choosing their leaders?

Local (village) level. (Recently, China has been experimenting with democracy. Although all candidates are party members, people are still able to vote for candidates.)

Power is exerted through two things in China. Name them.

Media and military/police

What is the most powerful organization in China?

The Chinese Communist party (CCP)

How does the CCP control elections?

By choosing the political candidates who run for office.

How does the CCP censor the media?

Technology and communication censorship and sabatoge.

The CCP has control over what in China?

Everything (government, military, media)

Who is the leader of the CCP?

Hu Jintao

Who was the leader of the KMT and established the People's Republic of China in Taiwan?

Chiang Kai-shek

Economically, China is the world's largest _____?


Who led the Long March?

Mao Zedong

Intending to use the massive Chinese population, this program was developed and failed to industrialized China. It resulted in mass starvation.

The Great Leap Forward.

China is the world's most ____ country.


The ___ Child Policy was implemented in China.


____ heavily influences modern China today despite it's ancient roots.


China is quickly becoming an ___ nation.


The citizenry of China is nearly homogenous; what is the largest ethnic group in China?

Han Chinese

What controls interest groups in China?


China has had disputes with what company? Why?

Google, censorship

Why did the U.S. - China relationship begin to improve in 1972?

President Nixon visited Mao Zedong

What ethnically separate nation in China desires its own state?


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