10 terms

ESL 6th Grade Earth Science Review

The three major types of rocks are?
sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic.
The process of breaking down rocks into smaller pieces.
divergent boundary
where two plates pull away from each other and magma rises up between them forming a ridge.
when two plates collide and the more dense oceanic crust gets pushed under the less dense continental crust forming a volcano.
he is know for his observations and ideas that led to the Theory of Plate Tectonics.
the order of the three major layers from outermost to innermost are
crust, mantle, core
a continent that existed millions of years ago and was made of all of today's separate continents joined together.
made up of slow moving plates where the plates are able to move because they sit on a layer of magma.
convergent plate boundaries
plates that are responsible for mountain range such as the Andes Mountains. They come together and collide.
deposition (deposits)
particles of rock that are dropped off and deposited by wind, water, and ice.