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Hull House

Chicago's first settlement house, founded by Jane Addams


people committed to improving condition in American life

Social Gospel

the religious movement during the progressive era

National Child Labor Committee

Was founded with the Help of Jane addams

workers' compensation laws

workers who were hurt at work still recieved some pay, even if their injuries prevented them from working


the process by which voters can remove an elected official before his or her term is up


This is a lawmaking reform that enables citizens to propose and pass a law directly without involving the legislature


a law passed by a state legislature is placed on the ballot for approval of rejection by the voters

National AMercan Woman Suffrage Association

Organization committed to forming womens' suffrage into a powerful political force at the state and national levels

Tuskegee Institute

a vocational college for African Americans in Alabama

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Organization that fought to end segregation in courts and that men could exercise their voting rights under the fifteenth amendment

Square deal

Teddy roosevelt's domestic policy focused on regulating big business and protecting workers and consumers

third party

a party outside the two-party system

New Freedom

President Wilson's domestic policy focused on elminating trusts, shifting their power to the small businesses and average citizens, restricting corporate influence, and reducing corruption in the federal government

Pure Food and drug act

a 1906 federal law that established the Food and Drug Administration to test and approve drugs before they go to market


a legal process in which neutral outside party helps resolve a dispute


the protection of wilderness lands from all forms of development


the limited use of resources

Federal Reserve System

central bank of the US

16th amendment

allowed the federal government to impose income taxes

17th amendment

required the election of senators by popular vote

18th Amendment


19th Amendment

the right of citizens of the US to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the US or by any state on account of gender

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