39 terms

Science ch. 8

The basic cause of all weather
Scientists that study weather
How fast does the earth's surface spin
Which is heavier warm air or cool air
cool air
The imaginary line running through the earth from North Pole to South Pole
What causes wind
earth's temperature differences
Earth has seasons because the axis is what
polar easterlies
those winds that originate in the polar regions; in the Southern Hemisphere they blow out of the southeast , and in the Northern Hemisphere they blow out of the north east
Prevailing westerlies
The winds of the middle latitudes in both hemispheres
What are trade winds
the winds nearest the equator; north of the equator ,these winds blow out of the northeast ,and south of the equator , they blow out of the southeast
The amount of water vapor that the air can hold at a given temperature is called what?
relative humidity
Another name for a thunderhead
term used to describe a cloud from which rain is falling
nimbus family
Clouds made of very small ice crystals
Layers of flat clouds belong to which family of clouds
Wispy, curly clouds very high in the atmosphere
Sheet clouds that often produce rain
The broad, flat top of a cumulonimbus is called a what
The rapid expansion of superheated air causes shock waves that we hear
Falling ice crystals melt into raindrops then refreeze and land on earth as tiny pieces of ice
The lowest possible temperature at which air is able to hold all of its water vapor is called
dew piont
Ice crystals in a cloud becomes to heavy, falls, melts, and lands on the earth as water
Falling ice crystals melt slightly, stick, and freeze together into snowflakes
Wet snow...
A small piece of ice is tossed up and down inside a cloud, forming several layers of ice until it it too heavy and falls to earth
Puffy, bulgy, clouds
When opposite electrical charges build up in very tall clouds what is produced
The thin channel of charged air through which a lighting bolt can travel is called
step ladder
The calm region of very low air pressure in the center of a tornado
What do meteorologists issue when a tornado has been spotted
The type of storm that packs the most destructive power into the smallest space
The process in which water vapor leaves the air and changes into liquid water is called
Air is saturated when the humidity is at what percent
The row of thunderheads that builds up in the front advancing cold air is called what
squall line
The boundary between two air masses is called what
the front
Lightning bolts that do not come in contact with the ground but remain within the cloud are known as what
sheet lightning
Top seven precautions you should take in a thunderstorm
stay indoors, if outside avoid being the tallest thing around, away from high ground, keep away from tall objects, avoid water, no electrical appliances, and if your hair is standing up on it's end curl up and crouch down.
The air that we live in receives most of its warmth from where
the sun
Water vapor that condenses to form liquid water on the ground
Falling ice crystals melt, hit the earth as liquid rain but refreeze as soon as they land
freezing rain