84 terms

Power Plus Book 4:11-21

etymology 11
the history of a word; the study of word origins
cortege 11
a group of attendants; a retinue
solecism 11
a deviation or error in speech, manners, or deeds
demotic 11
relating to ordinary people
simian 11
related to or resembling an ape or monkey
impresario 11
an entertainment producer or manager
requisite 11
required; necessary
bulwark 11
a defensive wall or embankment
malaise 11
vague bodily or emotional discomfort or uneasiness
disingenuous 11
insincere; calculating
crescendo 11
a gradual increase in intensity, force, or volume
intransigent 11
uncompromising; refusing to moderate
dogged 11
unrelenting; persistent
condescending 12
displaying superiority; patronizing
bellicose 12
warlike; inclined to fight
physiognomy 12
facial features
epiphany 12
a revelation; sudden knowledge or insight
panacea 12
a cure-all; a remedy for all diseases
implicate 13
to involve or connect unfavorably
analgesic 13
a medication to reduce or eliminate pain
histrionics 13
exaggerated emotional behavior
noisome 13
disgusting; offensive to the senses
florid 13
rosy or red in color
moribund 13
near death; about to die
conflagration 13
a large, destructive fire
protege 14
a person under the guidance or training of another
virulent 14
extremely infectious or poisonous
artisan 14
a skilled manual worker; a craftsperson
boondoggle 14
an unnecessary, wasteful work or project
fiduciary 14
relating to the governing of property or estate on behalf of others
repugnant 14
offensive; repulsive
prominent 15
very noticeable or obvious
autonomy 15
puissance 15
power; might
appellation 15
name, title, or design
misanthrope 15
one who hates or mistrusts humankind
scion 15
descendant; heir
supercilious 15
contemptuous; arrogant
malevolent 15
having ill-will; wishing harm; evil
trenchant 16
effectively keen and forceful in thought or expression
bourgeois 16
relating to the middle class
paladin 16
a heroic champion or leader
arcane 16
known or understood by only a few; mysterious
mercurial 16
quickly changing; volatile
salubrious 16
vicissitude 16
a sudden change or shift in one's life or circumstances
matriculate 16
to admit or be admitted into a group or a college
Depravity 17
n. moral corruption; perversion.
Megalomania 17
n. having delusions of grandeur; an obsession with grandiose things.
Attribute 17
v. to relate to a particular cause; to ascribe.
Alimentary 17
adj. pertaining to food, nutrition or digestion.
Congenital 17
adj. dating from birth; inherent or natural.
Remuneration 17
n. compensation; payment.
Mutable 17
adj. subject to change.
Ethereal 17
adj. light or airy; intangible; heavenly.
Ascetic 17
n. a person who renounces material comforts and practices extreme self-denial.
Poignant 18
adj. very moving; touching.
Venial 18
adj. easily excused or forgiven.
Vituperative 18
adj. fault-finding; verbally abusive.
pundit 18
n. a critic
Propriety 18
n. proper behavior; appropriateness.
Goad 18
v. to urge forward; to prod.
Extricate 18
v. to release; to disentangle.
Superfluous 18
adj. unnecessary; excessive.
Transient 19
adj. remaining only a short time.
Fulsome 19
adj. offensively flattery; insincere.
Utilitarian 19
adj. useful; practical.
Schism 19
n. a separation or division.
Inchoate 19
adj. not yet complete; undeveloped.
Unwieldy 19
adj. not easily carried because of size, shape, or complexity.
Inveterate 19
adj. habitual; continuing.
Dissipate 19
v. to waste recklessly; to exhaust.
Echelon 20
n. a level of authority or responsibility; a rank.
Serendipity 20
n. a knack or faculty of making.
Punitive 20
adj. punishing; pertaining to punishment.
Discerning 20
adj. having keen perception.
Idyllic 20
adj. simple and carefree; delightfully serene.
Conundrum 20
n. a difficult problem.
Cerebral 20
adj. favoring intelligence over emotions or instinct.
analects 21
selections from a literary work
factotum 21
an employee with a variety of jobs or responsibilities
cognizant 21
fully informed; having knowledge of
febrile 21
pertaining to fever; feverish
apostasy 21
abandonment or one's principles, faith, or religious beliefs