AOT Keyboarding Final

tables, spacing, proofreader's marks
spacing after a period at the end of a sentence
one space
spacing of abbreviation
no spaces within, one space after
spacing a comma
no space before, one space after
spacing a colon
do NOT space before/after when used with numbers, space one time after except at the end of a sentence
key that capitalizes the right side of the keyboard
left shift
key that capitalizes the left side of the keyboard
right shift
key that indents paragraphs
good technique: eyes
keep on copy most of the time
technique: feet
flat on the floor
technique: wrists
do NOT touch keyboard
technique: back
slightly reclined, lower back touching the back of the chair
to determine the rate of typing speed, every ___ strokes is counted as a word
what does # before a figure mean?
what does # after a figure mean?
What does an Asterisk mean?
shows reference to
what does an ampersand mean?
parts of a letter
date--inside address-salutation-body-complimentary closing-signature-reference initials-enclosure/attachment
difference between block and modified style
block-all parts at left margin
modified block-date,closing, signature at 3.25
intersection of column and row
ruled table
no vertical lines
boxed table
all cells are bordered
open table
no borders
best way to add borders to ruled table
select cells that you want to change/right click/table properties/borders and shading/choose borders until diagram is correct
how do you align dollar amounts in tables?
right align
how do you determine the placement of $ in a table?
2 spaces per number, 1 space for comma of the widest column
how is the alphabetical aligned in a table?
left alignment
spacing between quotes and enclosed text
no spacing
what punctuation is always inside quotations?
comma, period
what punctuation is always outside quotations?
colon, semicolon
spacing between number and %
no spacing
what process is "the typist keys and returns only at the end of the paragraph"?
how many commas are used if direct address is in the middle of a sentence?
difference between business and academic reports
business: single spaced; begins at left margin
academic: double spaced; indented
part of report that identifies major subdivision
side heading; left margin; caps
part of report that identifies minor subdivision
paragraph headings
name and spacing of major subdivisions
side headings at left margin in all caps and bold with double space before and after
name and spacing of minor sections
paragraph headings, indented, initial caps and bold followed by period followed by 2 spaces
figure used to identify footnotes
parts and spacing of biography
enter 5x-"BIBLIOGRAPHY"-enter 2x-start at left margin/indent 0.5 2nd line-enter 2x between entries-single space each entry
spacing bulleted/numbered list
single space, blank line above and beneath
how are long quotations spaced?
single spaced, blank line above and beneath
how to insert hard break?
ctrl + enter
how to key a dash
no space, hyphen, hyphen, no space