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to show trends or relationships across data

For which of the following reasons would you choose to use a chart or graph

series name

Referring to the figure above, an example of a _____ _____ is row 9.


The ______ is the only one of the following charts to compare relative values from different categories to the whole

chart sheet

Placing a chart in a ______ displays only the chart and no worksheet cells.

data markers

The columns and pie slices in the charts above are ________.


Referring to the figure above, the rectangular area to the right of the pie chart (listing Cash, U.S. Stocks, Non-U.S. Stocks, and Bonds) is the ______.

must format each slice separately

Since each slice of a pie represents a different value in the series, you ________.

exploded pie chart

To move one slice of a pie chart away from the pie creates a(n) ________.


A 90 degree __________ value exaggerates the 3-D effect, making distant objects appear very small.

paste the chart as a Picture

If you do not want a chart to reflect new values in the data source, you should_______.


In the above figure, the data markers shown in the cells in the column labeled "Performance," are _________.

major tick mark

A ______ acts like line on a ruler, making it easier to read a charts scale.

mmm dd, yyyy

To display Mar 17, 2008 as a custom format, you would type ______ in the Format Code: box in Excel.


Which of the following would result in adding the value 'k' to the end of each number on a charts vertical axis?


On a 3-D chart, the _____ represents the object's depth


Which of the following represents a range of data in excel?


Which of the following is NOT a vaild table name?


______ order arranges labels in reverse alphabetical order, from Z to A.

none of these

After data is filter you can ______ it


The ______ condition requires that all of the selected criteria be true for a record to be displayed.


The ______ condition requires that only one of the selected criteria be true for a record to be displayed


The ______ criteria filter requires the records displayed to have the specified text string anywhere.


The _____ criteria filter requires the records displayed to be greater than or equal to and less than or equal to the specified numbers

leave the lower boxes empty

In the figure above, if you only want to set one criterion for this filter you'll ____


In the figure above, the 20,000 indicates the price of a piece of artwork. Records with artwork with the following values meet the criteria: _______

Convert to Range

To calculate subtotal for a table, first use the _____ button on the Table Tools Design tab


In addition to displaying subtotals, the Subtotal feature "_____" your worksheet so you can control the level of detail that is displayed.

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