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America:The History of Our Nation Chapter 24

Lots of information on World War II. Note: Some cards will say Japan 1937 or Germany 1936. This means that the country took action on something in that year or date.
Josef Stalin
Dictator of the Soviet Union in 1929.
What kind of state is Soviet Union
Totalitarian State
Totalitarian State
A nation in which a single party controls the government and every aspect of lives.
Collective Farming
Ordered peasants to give land, crops, and animals to government. Executed those who couldn't provide.
Benito Mussolini
Italy's dictator promised to restore prosperity and order-like Roman Empire. Duty to conquer other countries. Fascism state.
October 1922
Mussolini threatened to over throw Italy's government. Ended freedom of press and banned all parties.
A political system based on militarism, extreme nationalism, and blind loyalty.
Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Germany. Fascism state-Nazism. Believed Germans were a "master race" destined to rule over inferior nations.
Hostility and hatred towards Jews.
Japan in 1936
Militarists took over country
Emperor of Japan.
Prime minister and head general of Japan.
Military Aggression
Italy, Germany, and Japan.
A warlike act by one country against another w/o a cause.
Japan 1931
Japanese army seized Manchuria, China.
Japan 1937
Takes over Nanjing and treats China brutally.
Italy 1935
Mussolini attacks Ethiopia and North Africa
Haile Selassie
Ethiopia's emperor calling for aid from League of Nations.
Germany 1936
Hitler occupies Austria
Munich Conference 1938
European leaders meet in Munich Germany wanting to appease Hitler.
Policy of giving in to aggression in order to avoid war.
Munich Pact
Gave Hitler a small part of Czechoslovakia-No further territory.
Germany March 1939
Germany takes over ALL of Czechoslovakia
Lend Lease Act
Allowed U.S. to lend or lease supplies to Britain and other nations fighting Germany.
U.S. September 1940
U.S. passed first ever peace time draft
Tuskegee Airmen
African American air unit under the command of black officers
Atlantic Charter
Roosevelt+Churchill least of goals for post war Europe. Emphasized right of self-governance and established Internationale peace organ.
Japan July 1941
Japan invades French colonies of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. U.S. bans exports to Japan.
December 7, 1941
Japan launches surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. 2,400 American killed.
December 8, 1941
U.S. declares war on Japan.
Axis Power
Germany, Italy, Japan, and 6 others.
Allied Powers
Britain, France, Soviet Union, U.S., China, and 45 others.
Total War
Conflict involving not just armies but entire nations.
Germany 1942
Controlled most of Western Europe
Soviet Union Dec. 1941
Soviet halts German troops.
Battle of Stalingrad
German/Soviet battle that lasted for moths but ended in a Soviet victory after Germans were driven out.
Erwin Rommel
German general who fought in North Africa
Battle of Eli Alamein
Battle in Egypt where British troops drove Rommel out of Egypt
U.S. November 1942
U.S. troops land in North Africa
Dwight D. Eisenhower
General who led U.S. troops in North Africa
Japan after Pearl Harbor
Bombs the airfields in the Philippines
U.S. Aid to the Philippines
Under General Douglas MacArthur withdraws troops to Bataan Peninsula of Philippines. Forced to surrender
Bataan Death March
Japan captures 70,000 troops. Forced to walk 65 miles to prison camp.
Battle of Coral Sea
May 1942- battle over pacific with aircraft attacking ships. U.S. halted Jap. advance
Battle of Midway
U.S. victory over Japanese attempt to take Midway island.