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Which of the servants bites his thumb
How okd is juliet
Who is queen Mab?
Fairies midwife
Whom does lady capulet want Juliet to marry
How many times do Romeo and Juliet kiss
2 times
How does Shakespeare immediately introduce tybalt as a menacing character
Tybalt walked up and said he hated peace and wanted to fight, which makes him menacing
How does Shakespeare create an immediate mood of sadness around romeo
Shakespeare creates an immediate mood of sadness around Romeo because he said sad hours go by slow. also, he talks to benvolio about how sad he is
How does Paris try to convince capulet that Juliet isn't too young to be married
He says "younger than she are happy mothers made"
Why do the nurse and Juliet have a particularly close relationship
The nurse took care of her, she's really nice to her, and the nurses own daughter had died, so she helped Juliet as she would help her own
What is the purpose of the prologue
To tell what the story's about
What poetic form is he prologue
What house is Sampson from
What is a character foil
Complete opposite characters
Example of character foil between tybalt and benvolio
Ben didn't want to fight but tybalt did
What is the penalty for the capulets and montagues if further violence breaks out
Why is Romeo sad
He loves Rosaline but she doesn't love him
What does benvolio promise to do for romeo
He'll teach him to forget rosaline
What is an oxymoron
Figure of speech I which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction
What are the conditions that capulet will let Paris wed Juliet
Make her fall in love and if she wants to marry
How does Romeo find out about the capulet party
servant asks him to read the note because he can't read
What is benvolios plan and does Romeo think it will work
Bens plan is to go to the dance and find someone better for Romeo. Romeo doesn't think it'll work
Who is rosaline
The girl Romeo likes
What does lady capulet want Juliet to think about
Marrying paris
What is an extended metaphor
Long comparison
Example of extended metaphor
Paris to a book
What is Juliets reaction to lady capulets request
Juliet does want to marry. She'll look but nothing else
Who is queen mab
Fairies midwife
Who is mercurito and what is his personality like
Romeos friend, talkative, joker
What does Romeo fear before he steps into the party
He had a dream and is scared that something really bad will happen
How does tybalt recognize romeo
His goice
What is lord capulets reaction when tybalt wants to fight romeo
He gets mad at tybalt
What terms do Romeo and Juliet use when they first met
What are Romeo and Juliets reactions when they find out what family each is from
They're shocked and sad because they both love eachother and can't be together because of their parents furs