Healthy Aging - Sample CSG Flash Cards

List the main services provided by the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program
Congregate meals, Home Delivered meals, nutrition screening, education and counseling (other services include supportive and health services)

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What federal dietary guidelines must be met by the Older Americans Act meals programs?
The Recommended Dietary Allowances or Daily Reference Intakes, and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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American Medical Directors Association (AMDA) dehydration and fluid maintenance clinical practice guidelines
For a clinical diagnosis of dehydration to be made, the following minimal criteria must be present:
• suspicion of increased output and/or decreased intake
• at least two physiologic or functional signs or symptoms suggesting dehydration (eg, dizziness, dry mucous membranes,
functional decline)
• a BUN:creat ratio of >25:1 or orthostasis (drop in systolic BP ≥ 20 mmHg with a change in position) or a pulse of >100 beats/minute or a pulse change of 10 to 20 beats/minute above baseline with a change in position.

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Contraindications to enteral nutrition support
• severe acute pancreatitis
• high output proximal fistula
• inability to gain enteral access
• intractable vomiting or diarrhea
• aggressive therapy not warranted
• expected need <5-7 days if malnourished or 7-9 days if normally nourished

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Utilitarian viewpoint of ethics
Sees an ethical decision as that which produces the greatest positive balance of value over negative balance of value for all persons affected

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List 2 reasons older adults are at increased risk of pressure ulcer development
Skin frailty, unintentional weight loss

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