20 terms

Unit 6 Vocab

In the American dream, those who work hard can escape lives of ________ poverty.
At the slightest sound of thunder, my dog Rover dives under the bed in a state of ______ terror.
Although he was a confirmed _______ he supported the rights of others to practice their religion.
Since he neither affirms nor denies the existence of God, I'd classify him as a(n) ____________.
If you know a crime is going to be committed but do nothing to prevent it, you may be accused of ________.
Those who saw the young woman being assaulted and did nothing to help her were guilty of ____________ in the crime.
The family complained about the unsightly collection of ________ cars in their neighbor's driveway.
I would be __________ in my duty to you if I did not warn you against the bad effects of smoking cigarettes.
The senator's speech was more of a _________ than a reasoned address.
Every time we did something to anger him, he delivered an intemperate _________ lambasting our "hopeless irresponsibility"
The night before the battle, the troops burned the despised enemy leader in __________.
The overthrown dictator was hanged in _______ before a vast throng in the town square.
Prompted by considerations of _________, the father decided to divide his estate equally among his children.
Simple _________ demands that we distribute the tax burden as fairly as possible among the populace.
The politician made an ____________ reply to the interviewer's probing questions.
It was such a(n) _________ remark that I couldn't keep myself from laughing derisively when I heard it.
The Grand Jury delivered the __________ for murder after deliberating in secret for two weeks.
The fact that so many released prisoners return to a life of crime is in itself a terrifying _________.
You cannot argue with _______ truths.
Though some writers have emphasized Jefferson's human weaknesses, his greatness is also a(n) _________ part of the historic record.
The pulled muscle in her back gave her ________ pains for about a week.
For years we carried on a(n) _________ correspondence.
The committee members decided to _________ the issue to the full Congress at the earliest opportunity.
How can you call that a(n) _________ question when it is quite clearly a simple matter of right and wrong.
The collector admired the unusual Asian ____ that was woven into the fabric.
In Wagner;s operas, brief musical _______ associated with the characters or their actions recur again.
In comparison to an experiences wilderness hiker, he is a mere ________ in the woods.
How could a mere _______ in the teaching profession question the judgement of so experienced an educator?
The birdwatcher scans the surrounding trees and fields with the same ________ as a hawk looking for prey.
The ________ of her analysis not only clarified the nature of the problem but also suggested its most promising solutions.
Because of its importance, the case was presented at a __________ session of the Superior Court.
During the emergency, the mayor assumed ________ authority and did whatever was needed.
The police kept the suspect under strict ______ after she was released due to lack of evidence.
Throughout the period that the spy thought he had gone undetected, he was actually under close ________.
Once upon a time, Hansel and Gretel walked down a __________ path leaving only bread crumbs.
In her garland of leaves and acorns, the child looked very much like some ______ spirit.
The lawyers' _____________ remarks during cross-examination probably affected her credibility with the jury.
I'd say that the phrase "having a short fuse" aptly describes my boss's decidedly ______ disposition.
Instead of modernizing Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" they made a _____________ of it.
Since the accused was never really given a chance to defend himself, his so-called "trail" was nothing but a(n) __________.