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fat soluble vitmamins

vitamin A
vision: maintenance of cornea, epithelial cells, mucous membranes, skin; bone and tooth growth; reproduction; immunity
vitamin D
mineralization of bones(raises blood calcium and phosphorus by increasing absorption from digestive tract, whitdrawing calcium from bones, stimulating retention by kidnesy
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
synthesis of blood-clotting proteins and bone proteins
A deficiency
infectious diseases, night blindness, blindness, keratinization
d deficiency
rickets, osteomalacia
E deficiency
erythrocyte, hemolysis, nerve damage
K deficiency
A toxicity
reduced bone mineral density, liver abnormalities, birth defects
D tox
calcium imbalance
E tox
hemorragic effects
k tox
none known
sources of a
retinol: milk, milk products Beta-carotene: dark green leafy and deep yellow/orange vegetables
sources of D
synthesized in body with the help of sunshine; fortified milk
sources of E
vegetable oils
sources of K
synthesized in the body by GI bacteria; green leafy vegetables