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USII.6c Review: The Great Migration and Art, Literature and Music of the Early 20th Century

This is a review for VA SOL USII.6b,c: The Great Migration and Art, Music and Literature of the early 20th Century.
Georgia O'Keeffe
Known for urban paintings and paintings of the Southwest
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Wrote about the Jazz Age in the book "The Great Gatsby."
John Steinbeck
Wrote about about poor migrant workers in the 1920's in a novel titled "The Grapes of Wrath."
Aaron Copland
American composer: "Appalachian Spring"
George Gershwin
American composer known for "Rhapsody in Blue."
Harlem Renaissance
African American cultural rebirth in New York. The authors, artists and poet from this movement are associated with life in America as an African American.
Jacob Lawrence
An African American painter who depicted the Great Migration.
Langston Hughes
An African American poet who wrote "Democracy" and "The Weary Blues."
Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong
Harlem Renaissance Jazz musicians
Bessie Smith
Harlem Renaissance Blues singer
The Great Migration
African Americas left the South to move to the North and Midwest in search of jobs and a fresh start
The South
Jobs and fair treatment were hard to come by for African Americans here
Better employment opportunities
A reason for the Great Migration
Discrimination and violence
Problems African Americans faced despite the Great Migration North and Midwest