27 terms

chapter 10, section 2

self-governed in domestic affairs but remained part of Britain
Polynesian people who had settled on New Zealand's island around 800 ad, culture: farming, hunting, and fishing
populated Australia, nomadic peoples that fished, hunted, and gathered food
penal colony
place where convicts were sent to serve their sentences as alternative prison
home rule
local control over internal matters only
1st countrt to colonize canada
Great britain
took possession of canada after French & Indian war in 1736
roman catholic, Lower Canada (now Quebec)
protestant, Upper Canada (now Ontario)
British Parliament
in 1791 created 2 new Canadian provinces with elected assembly with limited power (english and french)
Royal governor and wealthy British
held most power in colonies
John MacDonald
canadas first prime minister, quickly expanded Canada westward by purchasing lands and persuading frontier territories to join the Canadian union. Canada stretched to the Pacific Ocean by 1871. ________ also began the construction of a transcontinental railroad to unite distant parts of the dominion.
Durhams Report
urged two major reforms.First, Upper and Lower Canada should be reunited as the Province of Canada, and British immigration should be encour- aged. In this way, Durham said, the French would slowly become part of the dominant English culture. Second, colonists in the provinces of Canada should be allowed to govern themselves in domestic matters. Parliament should regulate only in matters of for- eign policy. Within ten years, both proposals had been carried out.
James Cook
British sea captain
1769 claimed New Zealand (made peace with maori)
1770 claimed Australia
sheep wool
became Australia's biggest business.
Commonwealth of Australia
In 1901, the Australian colonies were united under a federal constitution
secret ballot
first used in australia
new Zealand
first allowed women to vote
Catholic Emancipation Act
in 1829, This law restored many rights to Catholics.
the official language became english, and the church became protestant in _____
great famine
one of the worst famines of modern history. Irish peasants had depended on potatoes and a plant fungus ruined nearly all of Ireland's potato crop. Out of a population of 8 million, about a million people died from starvation and disease over the next few years.
Eamon De Valera
irish nationalist leader
northern ireland
in 1921, remained part of great britain
souther ireland
in 1921 was granted home rule, and became a dominion called the Irish Free State
Republic of Ireland
In 1949, the Irish Free State declared itself the _____.