Nihao 3 Lesson 3 Sentences

20 terms by yjia

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Nihao 3 Lesson 3 Sentences


Do you walk to school?


Yes, I walk to school.


Do you catch the train to school?


No, I catch the bus to school.


Does David ride a bicycle to school?

不是, 小明走路上学。

No. Xiaoming walks to school.


Is your home far from school?


My home is not far from the school.


How long will it take to walk from the school to the train station?


It will take more than 10 minutes to walk to the train station.


How long does Lanlan walk to school?


It takes her more than ten minutes to walk to school.


Where do you live?


I live in the eastern mountain district.

我家离学校很近, 只有两公里。

Our home is close to school, only 2 kilometers.


How to get to the post office?

你往前走, 到十字路口往左拐。

You go ahead, and turn left at the intersection.


The post office is on the right hand side of the road.


How to get to the library?

你往西走, 再往北拐。

You turn west and go, and then turn north.

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