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  1. Subjective data
  2. defamation
  3. Hypertension
  4. enhancing communication
  5. fraud
  1. a with holding information
  2. b listens actively, establish trust, clarify, be assertive, summarize conversation
  3. c 140/90
  4. d clients perspective: complaints of headache, nausea, and dizziness
  5. e false communication to a third person

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  1. EMTALA: prevents patients from being "shuffled" to another facility because of their inability to pay.
    HIPPA: Guidelines that you can follow in the medical office to assure patient privacy.
    PSDA: pt rights to make decisions regarding own healthcare by living will or power of attorney
    ADA: protection against discrimination of individuals with disabilities
  2. What a reasonable and prudent nurse would do
    • Mandatory =Nurse Practice Act
    • Voluntary = ANA
  3. vocabulary, clarity, humor, tone,
  4. breach confidentiality
  5. restraining a pt against will

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  1. Physical assessment nutritional imbalance• Changes in blood glucose, hemoglobin, protein levels


  2. malpracticefalse communication to a third person


  3. Objective dataclients perspective: complaints of headache, nausea, and dizziness


  4. Barriers of communicationtoo many questions, asking why, changing the subject, stereotyping, failing to listen


  5. Identify the steps in the nursing processAssessment