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  1. Barriers of communication
  2. Identify the steps in the nursing process
  3. What are the normal Vital Signs
  4. What is the danger of prolonged elevated B/P?
  5. complication of immobility
  1. a kidney disease, capillaries bursting around the eyes, scar tissue around heart and lungs
  2. b too many questions, asking why, changing the subject, stereotyping, failing to listen
  3. c Blood pressure: 120/80
    Pulse: normal healthy heart 60-100bpm Average 70-80bpm
    Respiration: 12-20
  4. d Assessment
  5. e contractures, bed sores, foot and wrist drop, depression, atelectasis.

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  1. What a reasonable and prudent nurse would do
    • Mandatory =Nurse Practice Act
    • Voluntary = ANA
  2. • Documentation
    • Attend to safety
    • Obtain informed consents
    • 5 rights: right person, amount, time, route, medication
  3. vocabulary, clarity, humor, tone,
  4. facial expression, posture, gestures, touch, distance
  5. restraining a pt against will

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  1. libelwith holding information


  2. Therapeutic communication:• Pre-interaction phase
    • Orientation phase
    • Working phase
    • Termination phase


  3. malpracticefalse communication to a third person


  4. Objective dataobservable and measurable: vomit, pale skin


  5. PQRSTP-Provocative Q- Quality R-Region S-Severity, T-Timing