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  1. Factors affecting non-verbal communication: facial
  2. assault and battery
  3. negligence
  4. fraud
  5. Physical assessment nutritional imbalance
  1. a with holding information
  2. b facial expression, posture, gestures, touch, distance
  3. c failure to follow standard practice
  4. d performing a procedure without consent
  5. e • Poor skin turgor
    • Concave abdomen
    • Change in muscle mass
    • Alternation in vital signs

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  1. • Changes in blood glucose, hemoglobin, protein levels
  2. contractures, bed sores, foot and wrist drop, depression, atelectasis.
  3. kidney disease, capillaries bursting around the eyes, scar tissue around heart and lungs
  4. EMTALA: prevents patients from being "shuffled" to another facility because of their inability to pay.
    HIPPA: Guidelines that you can follow in the medical office to assure patient privacy.
    PSDA: pt rights to make decisions regarding own healthcare by living will or power of attorney
    ADA: protection against discrimination of individuals with disabilities
  5. restraining a pt against will

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  1. Identify ways to minimize the risk of malpractice• Documentation
    • Attend to safety
    • Obtain informed consents
    • 5 rights: right person, amount, time, route, medication


  2. PQRSTP-Provocative Q- Quality R-Region S-Severity, T-Timing


  3. Identify the steps in the nursing processAssessment


  4. libelwritten defamatory statements


  5. standards of practiceWhat a reasonable and prudent nurse would do
    • Mandatory =Nurse Practice Act
    • Voluntary = ANA