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  1. nucleolar organizer regions (NOR)
  2. bidirectional replication
  3. SSB( ssDNA binding protein)
  4. nucleosome
  5. snRNP and splicesome complexes
  1. a -lowest level of chromosome organization
    -form fundamental repeating units of eukaryotic chromatin
    -146bp of DNA wrapped almost twice around histone octomer
    -10 nm fibers
  2. b -initiates at original sequences and proceeds in both directions along DNA
    -leading goes bonds toward parent DNA, lagging bonds in opposite direction
  3. c composed of many splicing factors
    -mediate splicing process
  4. d keeps DNA single stranded
  5. e region of chromosomes where rRNA genes are amplified (>100 copies)

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  1. -codons decoded and translated to protein
    -begin with start codon, end at stop codon
  2. promotes export from nucleus
    promotes translation
    protects mRNA from degradation
  3. UAA, UAG, UGA
  4. uses energy from hydrolysis of ATP (ATP ->ADP+Pi)
  5. core particles connected by this
    DNA wrapped +linker=200 bp

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  1. ribosomal binding sitesA (binds aminoacyl tRNA ), P (binds peptidyl-tRNA), E (binds free tRNA before it exits ribosome)


  2. rRNAmost actively transcribed RNA in cell
    -composes <80% total RNA content
    -highly amplified on 5 human chromosomes containing 100s of genes


  3. breaking down chromatin into DNA and histonesA (binds aminoacyl tRNA ), P (binds peptidyl-tRNA), E (binds free tRNA before it exits ribosome)


  4. RNA primaseinitiates DNA replication on both strands by adding RNA primers
    -1 for the leading strand, 1 for each Okazaki fragment


  5. DNA fiber autoradiography-semi conservative(parent chain separate and daughter chain base pair with parent chains forming 2 new double helices)
    -antiparallel(5'->3' on both but in opposite directions to each other)


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