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  1. Kozak box
  2. activating amino acid as amion-acyl group
  3. replication factories
  4. polyribosomes/polysomes
  5. key components of pre-initiation complex (2)
  1. a ribosome identifies start codon using this in eukaryotes
  2. b -several attached ribosomes associated to one mRNA
    -contain functional components of mRNA, tRNA and ribosomes
  3. c DNA replication sites anchored to nuclear matrix
    -contains cluster of DNA replication loops
  4. d TFIIA and TFIIB which lead to recruitment of TFIIF/pol II and other TFs
  5. e uses energy from hydrolysis of ATP (ATP ->ADP+Pi)

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  1. UAA, UAG, UGA
  2. -protects 5' end of primary RNA transcript from attach by exonucleases
    -regulates nuclear export
    -promotes translation
  3. -initiates at original sequences and proceeds in both directions along DNA
    -leading goes bonds toward parent DNA, lagging bonds in opposite direction
  4. seals okazaki fragments on lagging strand.
  5. 30 nm fiber after 10 nm nucleosome filament coils; helical structure

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  1. nucleolusfactory for rRNA synthesis and assembly with proteins into pre-ribosomal subunits


  2. 3' polyadenylation-add poly(A) tail (RNA with only adenine stretch) to RNA
    -immediately after termination


  3. major genomic functions of eukaryotic cells-all DNA in single circular chromosome
    -proceeds in both directions from ori (origin sequence) to T (termination site)


  4. RNase Hmost actively transcribed RNA in cell
    -composes <80% total RNA content
    -highly amplified on 5 human chromosomes containing 100s of genes


  5. elongation phase of protein synthesis1: bring ribosomal subunit to initiation codon(codon AUG near 5' end of mRNA)
    2: bring 1st aa tRNA into ribosome (methionine-tRNA enters P site ;binds to AUG codon and IF2 )
    -IF3 and IF1 released
    3: assemble complete initiation complex(large subunit joins complex; IF2 hydrolyzed through GTP hydrolysis, releasing IF2-GDP)