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  1. pre-Initiation of Protein Syntheisis
  2. Shine Dalgarno sequence
  3. properties specific to eukaryotic DNA replication(4)
  4. untranslated regions (UTRs)
  5. chromatin fiber
  1. a 30 nm fiber after 10 nm nucleosome filament coils; helical structure
  2. b section of mRNA before the start codon and after stop codon (not translated)
    -mRNA stability, localization and translation
  3. c 1-codon AUG near 5' end of mRNA
    2-aminoacyl-tRNA binds to P site with aa methionine
  4. d ribosome identifies start codon using this in prokaryotes
  5. e -replicon organization along chromosomes
    -replication timing during S-phase
    -initiation of DNA replication during S-phase
    -organization of replication sites in cell nucleus

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  1. -anti-codons that bind to codon on mRNA
    -2nd site binds corresponding amino acid in high energy aminoacyl bond
  2. 5' cap, coding regions (CDS), untranslated regions (UTRs), 3' poly (A) tail
  3. -5' end of gene.
    -initiates transcription
    -contains assembling complex
  4. Individual units of replication
    -avg size of 150 kbp
  5. seals okazaki fragments on lagging strand.

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  1. termination of protein synthesis1: bring ribosomal subunit to initiation codon(codon AUG near 5' end of mRNA)
    2: bring 1st aa tRNA into ribosome (methionine-tRNA enters P site ;binds to AUG codon and IF2 )
    -IF3 and IF1 released
    3: assemble complete initiation complex(large subunit joins complex; IF2 hydrolyzed through GTP hydrolysis, releasing IF2-GDP)


  2. activating amino acid as amion-acyl group-3 in large (60S)subunit(28S, 5.8S, 5S);
    -1 in small (40S)subunit(18S)
    -40S+60S make 80S ribosome (there is no typo lol)


  3. 3' polyadenylation-add poly(A) tail (RNA with only adenine stretch) to RNA
    -immediately after termination


  4. dense fibrillar component-semi conservative(parent chain separate and daughter chain base pair with parent chains forming 2 new double helices)
    -antiparallel(5'->3' on both but in opposite directions to each other)


  5. breaking down chromatin into DNA and histonesA (binds aminoacyl tRNA ), P (binds peptidyl-tRNA), E (binds free tRNA before it exits ribosome)