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  1. nationalism in italy/germany
  2. sepoy rebellion
  3. sino-japanese war
  4. crimean war
  5. count camillo cavour
  1. a romanov family ruling before
    russia attacked ottoman, but europeans didnt want russia to gain more land so the brits and france helped ottomans.
  2. b common enemy-napolean
    internal weakness and divisions
    never been together before
    was a good thing
  3. c japan forced korea to open 3 ports
    china lost
    showed japan strongest asian nation
  4. d british amunition filled with pig fat- dont eat pigs
    rebellion of hindu and muslim soldiers agst the british in india
    1st war of independence
  5. e italian states man and premier of the kingdom of sardinia.
    architect of the italian unific movement in the later 1800s
    known as brains of italian nationalism.

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  1. emperor of japan
    power was restored
  2. explores middle of africa for the british
  3. exclusive
  4. negative bc not everyone was austrian. weakened government and sparked rivalries, bloodshed and coflicts
  5. leader of indias struggle for independence from brits. organized the population for protest thru nonvoplent resistance and civil disobedience

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  1. african resistance1. shaka and zulu (rebel agst Brits)
    2. by menelik II (keeps italians out)
    3. maji maji rebellion (ast. Germany)


  2. fueled by napolean, congress of vienna-how?european leaders gather in austria
    resore stability that came from napol defeat & 25 yrs of war
    louis XVIII
    prince klemens von metternion
    failed: ignored desire of pol. changes and nationalism


  3. muslim leaguea muslim gunpowder empire


  4. chinese go to war with japanbismark wants shleshwig and holstein back, denmark is in control


  5. trans-siberian railroadrailroad linking western russia to siberia in the east.
    built by nicholas II