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  1. purpose for austro-prussian war
  2. egypt, britain, and the suez canal
  3. pogroms
  4. red shirts
  5. manchu/qing dynasty
  1. a get holstein from austrians
  2. b egyptian waterway connecting the mediterranean and red seas; built in 1869 by Franco-Egyptian company.
    in 1875, britain bought egypts share of the canal
  3. c organized persecutions and massacres of Jews in Russia in 1880s (anti-semetic attacks)
  4. d qing dynasty began to decline which led to corruption, unrest, and overpopulation
  5. e army of volunteer troops led by garibaldi. in 1860 they attacked the island of sicily and won it for the italians

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  1. elected assembly.
    russian legislative assembly, formed after the revolution of 1905
  2. ppl think they lost the mandate
  3. january 22, 1905; the day the czarist troops ried on protestors at the winter palace, igniting the russian revolution of 1905
    BASICALLY: priest led peaceful protest to bring petition to czar- gunned down by russian troops
    marks beginning of russian revolution
  4. war with denmark (revolution of 1848)??
    austro-prussian war
    franco-prussian war
  5. exclusive

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  1. muslim leagueradicals who want full indp
    protects rights of india muslim


  2. "white man's burden"control other cultures and help them advance


  3. opium warseries of wars: austria-hungary gets more land out of it


  4. "dying man"what ottoman emp was referred to as.
    knew the ottoman emp. was gunna fall

    problems: too much diversity in ethnicity and religion


  5. eastern questionwhat happens if ottoman emp falls?


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