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  1. monoculture/Banana Republic
  2. berlin conference
  3. nationalism in austrian/ottoman
  4. "dying man"
  5. congress of vienna
  1. a dividing africa amongst european countries
  2. b growing only 1 thing
  3. c what ottoman emp was referred to as.
    knew the ottoman emp. was gunna fall

    problems: too much diversity in ethnicity and religion
  4. d it was bad
    sparked rebellion and weakened gov
    weakened it bc of diversity
    caused the fall
  5. e european leaders gather in austria
    resore stability that came from napol defeat & 25 yrs of war
    louis XVIII
    prince klemens von metternion
    failed: ignored desire of pol. changes and nationalism

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  1. wants to control all of africa
  2. german statesman, became the leading force behind german unification. main political goal: prussia to gain power over austria.
    policy= "blood and iron"
    known as "iron chancellor"
  3. before- dont care
    after- desire for land
  4. ethiopia (lucy) & liberia
  5. started at top of society

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  1. austrian emp as multinational1. shaka and zulu (rebel agst Brits)
    2. by menelik II (keeps italians out)
    3. maji maji rebellion (ast. Germany)


  2. russificationspreading russian influence
    heart= orthodoxy, autocracy, nationalism


  3. boers/afrikaners/Boer WarBoers refused to grant political rights to foreigners, including the Brits


  4. meijiemperor believed best way to maintain indp was to reform and modernize.
    means "enlightened one"


  5. extraterritoralityemperor restored to full power