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  1. boxer uprising
  2. social darwinism
  3. manchu/qing dynasty
  4. crimean war
  5. european interest in africa (before/after)
  1. a romanov family ruling before
    russia attacked ottoman, but europeans didnt want russia to gain more land so the brits and france helped ottomans.
  2. b white europeans superior to africans according to charles darwins beliefs about race or whatever
  3. c anti-foreigners
  4. d before- dont care
    after- desire for land
  5. e qing dynasty began to decline which led to corruption, unrest, and overpopulation

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  1. exclusive
  2. get holstein from austrians
  3. stable and strong, soon to be one of the greatest military forces in europe
  4. customs union, connected german states by removing taxes on goods within the german confed.
  5. emperor believed best way to maintain indp was to reform and modernize.
    means "enlightened one"

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  1. guiseppe mazziniitalian military and nationalist leader, unified the souther states of italy and joined them to the north to form the united kingdom of italy.
    used gorrila warfare tactic
    known as the sword of nationalism.


  2. "white man's burden"what ottoman emp was referred to as.
    knew the ottoman emp. was gunna fall

    problems: too much diversity in ethnicity and religion


  3. William IItook over germany afgter Willhelm-led Germany to become the most powerful military force in europe


  4. 2nd Reichperiod of time that Germany prospered under the leadership of Wilhme I and Bismark. (HRE= 1st Reich)


  5. taiping rebellionbritish amunition filled with pig fat- dont eat pigs
    rebellion of hindu and muslim soldiers agst the british in india
    1st war of independence


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