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  1. chinese go to war with japan
  2. king Leopold II
  3. Dr. Livingstone
  4. open door policy
  5. Tsars
  1. a alxander II, alexander III, Nicholas II
  2. b king of belgium
  3. c proposed by John Hay
    allows free trade with chinese powers under european control
  4. d explores middle of africa for the british
  5. e chinese go to war with japan (fight over korea) japan wins kore and taiwan

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  1. sent for dr. livingstone
    encourages colonization in congo river basin, goes to belgium 2nd
  2. brought on by several diff. ethnic grps w/in austrian empire
  3. =knight/ code they live by
  4. emperor restored to full power
  5. dividing africa amongst european countries

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  1. positive and negative of british in india(+) ban sati, education, language
    (-) destroy indian culture


  2. apartheidsocial system government installed by british
    means "separateness"
    only whites can vote, no boers (blacks)


  3. treaty of kanagawasigned after commodore matt perry
    opens up 2 japanese ports, ET to foreigners


  4. trans-siberian railroadromanov family ruling before
    russia attacked ottoman, but europeans didnt want russia to gain more land so the brits and france helped ottomans.


  5. fueled by napolean, congress of vienna-how?moderates who want a say in gov. nor freedon, just reforms