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  1. african resistance
  2. congress of vienna
  3. boxer uprising
  4. pogroms
  5. mughal empire
  1. a anti-foreigners
  2. b a muslim gunpowder empire
  3. c 1. shaka and zulu (rebel agst Brits)
    2. by menelik II (keeps italians out)
    3. maji maji rebellion (ast. Germany)
  4. d organized persecutions and massacres of Jews in Russia in 1880s (anti-semetic attacks)
  5. e european leaders gather in austria
    resore stability that came from napol defeat & 25 yrs of war
    louis XVIII
    prince klemens von metternion
    failed: ignored desire of pol. changes and nationalism

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  1. period of time that Germany prospered under the leadership of Wilhme I and Bismark. (HRE= 1st Reich)
  2. qing dynasty began to decline which led to corruption, unrest, and overpopulation
  3. emperor restored to full power
  4. =knight/ code they live by
  5. italian states man and premier of the kingdom of sardinia.
    architect of the italian unific movement in the later 1800s
    known as brains of italian nationalism.

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  1. Alexander IIemancipation: freedom of serfs


  2. Alexander Itakes credit for defeating napolean


  3. muslim leagueradicals who want full indp
    protects rights of india muslim


  4. eastern questionwhat happens if ottoman emp falls?


  5. missionaryalxander II, alexander III, Nicholas II