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  1. boxer uprising
  2. treaty of kanagawa
  3. Alexander III
  4. "white man's burden"
  5. pogroms
  1. a organized persecutions and massacres of Jews in Russia in 1880s (anti-semetic attacks)
  2. b signed after commodore matt perry
    opens up 2 japanese ports, ET to foreigners
  3. c takes back reforms made by his father
  4. d control other cultures and help them advance
  5. e anti-foreigners

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  1. a muslim gunpowder empire
  2. get holstein from austrians
  3. "the sun never sets on the british empire"
  4. brought on by several diff. ethnic grps w/in austrian empire
  5. explored middle of afria, sent to japan twice by US
    sent to threaten japan to open ports

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  1. ems dispatchtelegram written by bismark, which made it seem like the prussian king was bashing the french ppl.


  2. berlin conferencedividing africa amongst european countries


  3. dumabritish send opium and ppl get addicted


  4. nationalism in italy/germanybrought on by several diff. ethnic grps w/in austrian empire


  5. meijiemperor believed best way to maintain indp was to reform and modernize.
    means "enlightened one"