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  1. kaiser
  2. empress ci xi
  3. meiji
  4. red shirts
  5. realpolitik
  1. a german czar basically
  2. b most imp person in china
  3. c emperor believed best way to maintain indp was to reform and modernize.
    means "enlightened one"
  4. d "politics of reality"- belief in practical goals instead of theory in political philosophy
    (sounds like macchiaveli)
    power at any cost?
  5. e army of volunteer troops led by garibaldi. in 1860 they attacked the island of sicily and won it for the italians

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  1. stable and strong, soon to be one of the greatest military forces in europe
  2. telegram written by bismark, which made it seem like the prussian king was bashing the french ppl.
  3. japan forced korea to open 3 ports
    china lost
    showed japan strongest asian nation
  4. ppl think they lost the mandate
  5. what ottoman emp was referred to as.
    knew the ottoman emp. was gunna fall

    problems: too much diversity in ethnicity and religion

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  1. giuseppe garibaldiprocess of one people ruling or controlling another


  2. imperialismmotives: glory, god, and gold


  3. 2 indep countries in africa since 1914before- dont care
    after- desire for land


  4. nationalism in indiapride in ones nation


  5. Tsarsalxander II, alexander III, Nicholas II