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  1. Measuring rate of respiration
  2. the one with more barley moves faster because..
  3. cellular respiration
  4. 3 stages of respiration
  5. in one reaction of cycle
  1. a it has more material
  2. b 1) heat production (some energy given off during respiration is liberated as heat)
    2) liberation of Carbon dioxide
    3) oxygen consumption
  3. c process that transfers the energy in glucose to energy in the bonds of ATP
  4. d 1)glycolysis (in cytoplasm)
    2) citric acid cycle (in mitochondria)
    3) ETC and ATP synthase (mitochondria)
  5. e electrons on placed on FAD (electron acceptor), reducing it to FADH2

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  1. pyruvate enters mitochondrion, where it loses one CO2 and is converted to the acetyl group (2-carbon)
  2. two NAD+, reducing them to NADH
  3. use respirometer
  4. in eukaryotic cells, house most of the metabolic equipment for aerobic respiration
  5. KOH

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  1. electrons are passed from glucose to..electron carrier molecule to an ETC then finally to oxygen


  2. materialsgerminating barley seeds
    2 respirometers
    potassium hydroxide (KOH)


  3. NADH and FADH2 carry electrons to...ETC


  4. glucose becomes oxidized and..O2 becomes reduced


  5. glucose (C6H12O6)fuel that cells most often use