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Nuclear Family

A form of family consisting of married parents and their biological or adopted children. Typically found in Western Society.

Because colonial families were required to educate their own children, the quality and content of education varied greatly. As a result Massachusetts

required a system of formal education for all towns with more than 50 families.

Focus on issues of sexism within the institution of education

Feminist theorist

Which of the following questions might a conflict theorist ask about education?

Why does education serve some people better than others?

Gatekeeping refers to controlling

access to education.

Schools in _______ neighborhoods stress obedience, following directions and punctuality


Which theoretical perspective asks ," How does education limit equal opportunity?"

conflict theory

Contemporary examples of ______ include the Amish, Quakers, and seventh day Adventists.


Baptists, Lutherans, and Methodists are example of Protestant


the spontaneous and unstructured behavior of a large number of people.

Collective behavior

is the ability to build objects and substances one atom or molecule at a time


some soceities require that individuals marry from within one's group. This is called


"Families perform a variety of functions, such a procreation and socialization." This statement represents which sociological theoretical perspective?

functionalist theory

"Exchange theory helps to explain mate selection and family roles." This statement represents which sociological theoretical perspective?

symbolic interactionist theory

"The difference between couples who stay together and those who do not is the result of the 'magic ratio.'" This statement represents which sociological theoretical perspective?

symbolic interactionist theory

_____ contend that credentialism rewards people for their achievements; _____ maintain that credentials can be gained from on-the-job training

Functionalists; conflict theorists

In examining educational outcomes, ____ are the most likely to focus on process.

symbolic interactionist theory.

According to _____, religion is learned rather than innate.

symbolic interactionist theory

One of the criticisms of _____ is that it tends to gloss over the dysfunctional aspects of religion.


one of the criticisms of ______ is that it often ignores the role that religion plays in creating social cohesion and cooperation.

conflict theory

For _____, religion is a community that is unified by its symbols and shares a worldview.

symbolic interactionists

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